Man stuck on rock, watches wife lose grip and tumble downstream

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Flooding and power outages created major headaches for Richmond drivers and pedestrians Thursday afternoon.

In the raging waters of Reedy Creek, a man was stranded on a rock after watching his wife of four years lose her grip and tumble downstream.

"She wouldn't listen,” he said, not willing to divulge his name. “I told her not to do it."

She managed to catch a tree branch and pull herself to safety. Later, She told CBS-6 off-camera, and with her ankle taped up, that she had been scared and was lucky to be alive. She, like her husband, did not want to give her name.

Once she was safe, he asked her where their money and cigarettes were.

Off East Belt Boulevard, a different storm drama played out: people there were mopping up a mess, again. "Every time it rains, the gutter floods up over the curb and across the city sidewalk," said business owner John Dodson.

Adding to the difficulties of some, was the power outage at Gangster Garage.

Further down the street, cars pulling into the Circle Shopping Center across from Southside Plaza got quite a surprise. "Heavy rain is always a hazard for me," said Jesse Montague. As the rain came down harder and harder, he said he got worried. "I said, ‘uh oh.’ Once we went in we started floating."

Brenda Blount says she could barely see, and stopped too late to keep the nose of her car from sinking into the parking lot. "The city is gonna’ pay for this, ” Blount said. “My car is totaled. The drainage isn't working. It's clear. Look how much is standing."

Thursday’s major summer storm dumped inches of rain in a flash, creating plenty of rescue work with no serious injuries. For firefighters, it was a busy day at the office.

"Hey man, we are here and alive,” said the fearless, and unnamed, Reedy Creek reveler. “Now, I'm gonna’ go smoke me a cigarette."

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  • Timmy McFadden

    Doesn’t matter. She’ll eventually divorce him, take the house, and sue him for alimony and child support.

      • Timmy McFadden

        What? Are you saying that’s not what normally happens? I think that’s what normally happens. Yes, gold-diggers normally make false allegations of abuse. In this case, the husband told her not to do it. Obviously he is a controlling abuser. He owes her the house, the bank account, alimony, and child support. That’s how it works.

  • Timmy McFadden

    She almost got the cigarettes wet, and his fault.. The price? Lifetime alimony, child support, and then when she moves to California, she can claim he’s an absentee father for never being around. When he loses his job due to corporate re-alignment (his job gets sent to India) and can no longer pay up, she can claim he’s a deadbeat Dad.

  • Timmy McFadden

    And then he’ll go to jail. Afterwards, with a nice criminal record, the best work he can get will be working in 7-11, selling grape flavored cigars to African Americans at 2:00 a.m. on a Friday night.

    • TRACEY

      You are crazy as he**. LADIES PLEASE BEWARE of this nutcase. I can see it now, Timmy on the news because he committed a murder-suicide. How did you get all of that out of this story???? SMH

      • Timmy McFadden

        It’s all there. My question is how did you NOT see it? You seem angry. You should probably call the police on your husband.


    @ Timmy, I seem angry???? LOL. You are the angry bitter one. I don’t need to call the police on no one. Maybe someone need to call the police on your nutty a$$. Man, you have serious issues. We all know the post is all about you and your crazy situations. You need help, lol

    • abc123

      I’m surprised you’re even entertaining him like that. Obvioulsy, he’s just making stuff up to string you along and get a good laugh at it. He is being very successful at that.

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