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Dave Brat cooks up brats at Joey’s Hot Dogs

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – Dave Brat, the Tea Party-backed Randolph Macon economics professor who beat congressman Eric Cantor in the 7th District Republican primary, spent part of National Hot Dog Day cooking up brats.

Brat made an appearance at Joey's Hot Dogs at Innsbrook in Henrico County, which is part of the 7th District.

Brat said his campaign will focus on small businesses.

After losing to Brat in the primary, Cantor announced he will resign as House Majority Leader effective July 31.

In November, Brat faces Democrat Jack Trammell, who will appear at a fundraiser in Carytown next Wednesday.



  • Robbie

    A new beginning, way of thinking and hope is in that smile. With Virginia taking the lead we are slowly removing the cancer that has taken over Washington. Cantor was a major tumor but plenty remain. This countries people understand the problems at hand and want our elected officials to work together to solve them. Fox news and its followers want no part of that.

  • Dave Martel

    I like Dave Brat. I voted for Dave Brat in the primary and will vote for him again in November. As much as the “liberal Professor” label was inaccurate, I suggest to CBS 6 and others reading this that “Tea Party-backed…” is just as inaccurate and probably a tougher label to overcome. For good or bad, Tea Party has a negative image problem with some voters in Virginia. To me Dave is more of a Reagan Republican and a conservative candidate. It is because of these traits that Tea Party members and believers are attracted to him as much as people who identify themselves as conservatives, Republicans and probably some Libertarians. And to my knowledge, Tea Party organizations were not major financial supporters to help Dave win the primary–so that alone disqualifies the description. Words have meaning and importance and I believe that CBS 6 and other media outlets should replace this “Tea Party-backed…” label with a more accurate description. Call him the “Republican candidate,” or hopefully something more descriptive like “grass-roots supported,” but I really hope they end up calling him Representative Dave Brat in November.

  • John

    I’m looking forward to Dave Brat getting to Washington. He has a PhD in Economics. Anytime someone has a better understanding of how money is created through the Federal Reserve and filtered to billionaire’s on Wall Street and Banks that are too big to fail. He can speak to those issues with lots of knowledge. Let’s get money into the people’s hands, not large banks and brokerage firms.

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