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Oops: Wedding crashers show up after bride texts invite to wrong person

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A text conversation posted to Instagram has gone viral, even prompting a trending hash tag, after a bride texted an invite to the wrong person.

According to, Kristen and her fiance, Roger, of Detroit, invited their guests to a wedding photo shoot via text. One of the invitations went to a stranger by accident:

When Kristen realized it, she told the person it was a mistake. But the stranger showed up anyway with all his friends.


  • Kim S

    Doesn’t look like they ( the wedding party) minded too much in the end. Glad everything worked out.

  • jay

    This is funny it seems as if they showed up as a joke and the wedding party doesn’t seem to mind since I see some of the bridesmaids are hugged up with them. All in all it will be memorable to say the least.

  • Lauren

    This was a hoax. The wedding party happened upon a rap video shoot and ended up in the video. Some guy on Instagram took the photos and created a meme which went viral. You should really research your stories better. It took me about two minutes to figure out this story was fake.

  • Tamara

    It wasn’t a wedding just the photo shoot. It looks like the bridal party didn’t min and if they didn’t cause trouble its a funny picture. The couple can caption it “look at how our love attracts perfect strangers! “

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