Riders taken off Apollo’s Chariot due to minor electrical issue

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Busch Garden’s Apollo’s Chariot  roller coaster had a “minor electrical issue” Thursday afternoon. Riders were taken off of the ride. There were no injuries, according to the spokesman.


Apollo’s Chariot ( SOURCE: Obxhousewife)


Video from the park shows the car stopped at the top of the hill with rain pouring down.

The park spokesman Kevin Crossett released a statement:

“Apollo’s Chariot was shut down at approximately 3:45 p.m. for 45 minutes. Park officials escorted riders off the attraction while maintenance personnel addressed a minor electrical issue. No one was injured from the incident and the coaster is operating normally. The safety of guests and team members is Busch Gardens’ number one priority. All ride attractions are inspected daily by trained technicians to ensure they are operating properly. Ride safety systems are designed to exacting standards; when a shutdown does occur, it is an indication that these systems are working properly.”

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