Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Joyful ending to long, frantic day searching for missing Greensville girl

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EMPORIA, Va. - Greensville County Sheriff's investigators and K9 units searched for Niesha Keices-Lynn Powell, 11, for about 14 hours Tuesday.

Deputies took neighbors to headquarters for questioning, after  Powell vanished from her trailer home off Green Plains Road around 8:00 Tuesday morning.

Her mom told deputies she saw her daughter at 7:45 a.m. but fell back asleep.

At nine, her mom told deputies she noticed the trailer door open and Niesha nowhere to be found.  Even more startling, and strange, family members say Niesha wasn't wearing her shoes.

Her family says investigators ran tracking dogs that sniffed out Niesha's scent all the way to a creek that straddles the Sussex/Greensville county line.

By evening, Niesha had been missing for 14 hours.  Her father Kevin Bradley got word of his eldest daughter’s disappearance late Tuesday morning and drove six-and-a-half hours from the shipyard where he works in South Carolina to come look for his little girl.

"It was real emotional, man, not knowing what's going on with my daughter or if I'd ever see her again,” Bradley said.  “It really hurts me."

This is a developing story.....

Anyone with information about this case is asked to contact the Greensville County Sheriff's Office at 434-348-4200.


  • Paula

    Parents have to start watching their children more carefully. Don’t they see what going on in the world with people wanting to harm my children. Wake up parents.

    • KimmyJ

      Paula, you really need to go sit down somewhere. This is an 11 year old girl. Where is it wrong for the mother to go to sleep with an 11 year old child in the house awake? She’s not two wherein the mother can only nap when the baby is napping. Stop being so quick to blame the mother. From the way the story read, she did nothing wrong. It is impossible for a parent to keep their eye on every move of their children. Parents, good parents, do the best they can but their is always, ALWAYS a margin for something to go wrong is always there.

      • Paula

        Kimmy J what are you suppose to be my mouth piece? Who do u think u are to TRY to tell me what to say or how to think. It hard to understand when u are not a mother yourself. Take a nap and maybe when u wake up you realize how quick to draw your comment is.

      • Kimmy J

        Paula, from your reply, I’ve obviously struck a nerve. Your defensiveness greatly reveals my point was made and that it truly upset your waters. Have an enjoyable day!

  • Ross

    Are Amber alerts only for Caucasians? By the way, WTVR your 25 year olds who type these up make many spelling or grammar errors a lot maybe this is one of many reasons nbc12 is better

    • Sammy

      Ross your right!! I thought Richmond was the Capitol of Virginia?? Spell check should be affordable you would think. But besides all that I am glad she is found and safe!!!

  • Sam

    I don’t see where in this article where it says the girl has been found. I guess I will have to google her name to find out for certain.

    • Sam

      OK, read the same news on nbc12 website. nbc12 reporting was far better in their diction and clarity. Sorry to say that.

  • Jay

    Glad she is alright!
    Funny no Amber Alert?? Last week, one was issued when it was obvious the 15 year old white boy was with his mother.

    WTVR needs to improve this site to match the quality of their TV news programs.
    Twenty-something interns will likely delete this post.

  • Morning Dew

    Amber Alerts are not issued for missing children.
    For an Amber Alert to be issued:
    Law enforcement must confirm an abduction.
    Risk of Serious Bodily Injury or Death
    Sufficient Descriptive Information
    Age of Child

    • Jay

      Not exactly. The police have to “believe” the child has been abducted, or other explanations have been eliminated…..all very subjective.

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