Video shows police chase end in parking lot

Man killed standing outside Henrico McDonald’s

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A 22-year-old Sandston man was shot and killed outside a McDonald's in eastern Henrico late Sunday night, according to Henrico Police. Police are now looking for the shooting suspects.

Police identified the shooting victim as Michael Raymond Bailey, Jr., 22,  of Dakar Drive in Sandston.

A woman, who reached out via Facebook and claimed to be the victim's mother, said her son worked at the McDonald's and was outside taking a smoke break when he was shot.

"We are saddened about the incident that occurred last night outside our restaurant and our thoughts are with Michael’s family," McDonald’s Owner/Operator Susan Robertson said in a statement. "Due to the current investigation, any further inquiries should be directed to the Henrico County Police Department."

Bailey was shot about 11:15 p.m. Sunday outside the McDonald's, police said. He was taken to VCU Medical Center where he later died.

"Two black males were seen running from the scene," Henrico Police spokeswoman Lt. Linda Toney wrote in an email. "At this time, the motive has not been determined, and there is no suspect description for release."

Police told employees at the McDonald's along the 5100 block of Nine Mile Road to keep the doors locked as officers investigated.

McDonald's employees were letting people they know into the restaurant, but have kept the doors locked to strangers.

Anyone with information about the shooting was asked to call Crime Stopper at 804-780-1000.


  • manalishi

    Democrats would have to believe the “Hamburgler” did it. It’s kind of a shame that the “Grimace” wasn’t there to kick some real a**!

  • Robo

    2 Republicans were seen running from the scene; stopping only momentarily to distribute some campaign materials.

  • Kenny Powers

    Henrico should just cede everything east of I95 to the city. It is just as bad of an armpit…the schools and crime rate are right on par with Boss Jones realm of ineptitude and dysfunction. Why try to sugarcoat the reality of Eastern Henrico?

  • Lee

    just like the coutry was bad before Obama—but you all want to blame everything on a black man in office then claim you all dont blame anything on anyone! but I always see someone saying black people blame problems on white people but all I see is white people blaming everything on Obama and everybody in Richmond blaming everything wrong with Richmond on Boss Jones!

    • Robbie

      Whoa here home boy! You’re talking about me now. Trouble is I voted for Obama twice and proud to admit it. Yes sir I do say that the black leaders of today continue to live in the 60’s blaming everything on the white man. Your rich reverends Sharpton and Jackson along with Farrakhan continue to spread the hate and 50 years of it is enough. The white man ain’t pulling the trigger that’s killing the black man. Blacks do that quite well without us. You probably think I’m racist for my remarks because it’s much easier to call me a racist than face facts.

      • Mike

        Not sure where the facts are when you classify all black leaders as blaming white people when you only claim 3 does that. 3 people in 50 years. Not saying that I agree that they spread hate.i think they spread pride in black people. But regardless of that, 3 people in 50 years is hardly all black leaders blaming whites. Please!

  • Dee Cee

    FYI, thie young man that was murdered was an employee at that McDonald’s, so the posters that are making this into a political and racial thing needs to be ashamed of themselves.

  • PAM

    Lee and Dee Cee, you are absolutely right!!!!! These ignorant posters on here (not Paula) they are on here everyday posting negative comments. ALWAYS, EVERYDAY. This is a sad situation. This young man was taking a break and get murdered. I don’t see where this is president Obama’s fault at all or what does it have to do with politics at all

    • manalishi

      “These ignorant posters on here (not Paula) they are on here everyday posting negative comments” Alright Einstein,,,,Tell us what’s so positive about this? The very word “ignorant” is reserved only by those that are.

      • PAM

        “manalisha” punk a$$, you are the poster child for the word IGNORANT. Look in the dictionary, your picture is beside it.

  • tom

    it is racial because 90% of the shootings in richmond are done by homies….so like duh. wasn’t two white guys robbing mcdonald’s. whites have better taste than that

    • robert

      robbery? guess you assumed that tommy boy. whites have better taste? hahahaha…like what the truck driver who swallowed meth? or leaving their kids to die in a hot car? or better yet killing their wife and kids? oh wait, maybe its killing elementary school kids and teachers? no, it has to be killing an annoying person in a movie theatre? maybe shooting up the college campus? I think I’m wrong again…maybe its fondeling/molesting basketball players….oh forget it, I give up.

      • Jeff

        Or, getting a beat down by your so called friends and getting kicked in the head and murdered…. But i guess that was done by Obama voters, er, democrats, er Al Sharpton supporters…
        See how easily some of these poster forget….

    • Michael

      I don’t think the people going at tiny Tom are being racist. I think they’re being defensive about him being one sided.

      And I’m waiting for the idiot who is going to say but black people commit violent crime more and blah blah since they’re only 14% of the population. Whether! The point is you have spoil apples in both sides. Quantity doesn’t matter!

      • Joe

        Republicans have tons of rotten produce too, they are more famous for white collar crime. and for you to be indy, you sure stay away from bashing Republicans. Undercover brother who plays the middle.

      • will

        Sure it’s debatable…. The reason for most of the violent crime by Black people is due to generational educational lack in the black community bought on my the denial of education of blacks and then when blacks were finally allowed education the resources were inferior compared to whites resources. You still see this today when you look at resources in predominately black schools versus black.The aftermath is evident today. People are perishing due to lack of knowledge…. In more ways than just violent crime. Denial of this truth does not change the truth. I know whites will come behind me with denial of these facts or with the that was so many years ago claim. History is why we are where we are.

      • manalishi

        Thanks for proving my point Will. I just sick to democrats, You made it about race. So much for debatable.
        Joe seems to be confused between white collar crime and murder. Only a democrat would be that dense.

  • Joe Sirico

    A young man is gone, and his family is in pain. I know them personally. Take the political and racist commentary eslewhere…you are trivializing his death. Do something that makes a real difference instead.

  • manalishi

    ‘”Do something that makes a real difference instead.” Since when is anyone else responsible to clean up the east end? This young mas’ death is tragic on it’s own. It’s insulting that it happens to a young an on the job. Get out there and clean up your own damned neighborhood before it all becomes trivial.

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