Neighbors alarmed after robbery near VCU

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RICHMOND, Va.  -- Neighbors are in shock after hearing about an overnight robbery near VCU's campus.

According to VCU's alert website around 2 a.m. Saturday a male victim said he was approached by three suspects in a rear alley near the 1000 block of West Grace St.

"It's a little shocking because to me, I would never think that if I'm walking in that alley way that I'm going to get attacked or assaulted by anybody," said Pranav Trivedi who lives nearby.

The victim said one suspect punched him, knocked him to the ground then took his wallet, iPhone, and keys.

The suspects are described as black males around 5'10" and were wearing black t-shirts.

"A couple of kids came in and told me about the text and then we went to 7-Eleven and asked them," said Ray Ralph who was working nearby at the time.

Those who live in the area said the neighborhood is a particular safe one. However, they said the incident should serve as another reminder to always be careful when you are out no matter where you are.

"Hopefully they are aware of their surroundings," said Trivedi.

Anyone with information is asked to call police.


  • mbaker9105

    “It’s a little shocking because to me, I would never think that if I’m walking in that alley way that I’m going to get attacked or assaulted by anybody” ………..2 A.M. Saturday in an alley…..what planet has this guy been living on???

  • Belsma

    I don’t know why he would be “shocked”. It’s a horrible area, and it’s a stain on VCU which is an amazing school, but who wants their kids to go there? Thugs are all over the place, and yes MBKER9105, young adults and college kids are out until 2 am and until the sun comes up. Does not mean they should be victims.

    • mbaker9105

      Agreed. Didn’t mean to imply he shouldn’t have been out, we’ve all been there done / or do that. Should be able to walk anywhere at any time safely. Down where I grew up, as a kid we had a gravel road below the railroad track bank and the river….no where to go either side. After dark, one thing about gravel roads, you can hear cars coming a long way off, so it gave us kids time to hide. The road was generally used at the fishing pulloffs to party. Odds are at the very least some of the older kids in the cars would chunk a bottle or something, or spin gravel on you. Just saying you need to adapt to your environment. I think VCU is awesome, but wouldn’t allow a child of mine to attend if they lived on or near campus down there. They’re just too young and don’t know any better until something bad happens. It’s just a shame what goes on down there from some bad apples roaming around. An even bigger shame is that more than one person seems to participate in this criminal behavior. I just can’t understand the mob mentality, never have. Hard to wrap my head around the fact not one out of three people would have morals enough to stop the others, all caused pretty much by how they were raised I guess…..we have to do a better job as a society getting to kids early while they still have a chance, once they get in the system it’s usually just a continuing spiral down…..I believe in giving a couple of chances early on for non-violent crime, but after a while you’re just a deadbeat criminal and need to be treated as such…

      • Belsma

        Things need to change. We need to take out the trash and clean up this city, especially our very cool nooks and crannies around town. How will businesses survive if people are afraid to go and grab a meal after dark? We love going down to the fan area and down to campus to check out hole in the wall joints to eat, but I won’t stay long after dark. I should not have to feel like that. Nobody should. And these college kids and young adults should be able to feel safe, no matter what time it is. However, they should walk in groups and make sure everyone arrives at their destination. Don’t know how I survived college. No cell phones..we winged it. :)

  • Sammy

    Wow!! I am Shocked that they are shocked!!! That’s what you get when both ends of entitlements meet !?!??! Just say in

  • Bakersfield Joe

    anyone, anyone at all who thinks they can walk anywhere in Richmond VA past 9:00 p.m. and not have a good chance of getting beat up, robbed or raped is either drunk, on drugs, or totally naïve.

  • ?

    Is this yet another form of Positively(?) Richmond’s denial of truth, facts, stats, figures, documentation and police blotter reports? No paper, TV for news reports of everyday
    wide spread happenings in the extended area? “Shocked”? Really?

  • ghetto_scum

    Musta been squirrels or something, what else would be up at that hour of the night? . racCOONS maybe?

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