Dad leaves twin babies in car; caught having sex when police arrive

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PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va. -- The father of one-year-old twin girls was charged with two counts of felony child endangerment and indecent exposure after police found his babies alone in a car parked in a driveway, with the windows down, outside a Prince George County duplex.

The father, 27-year-old Juan Munford, was about 30 feet away from the car. He was having sex with a woman behind the building, police said.

"We went around to the back of the duplex and discovered a male and a female engaging in sexual intercourse," Prince George Police Capt. Brian Kei said. "At that point they [police] made contact with the individual who identified himself as the father of the two twins."

Police charged the woman with incident exposure. She was released on scene.

The children were taken to Southside Regional Medical Center as a precaution and placed in the custody of child protective services.

Neighbors along the 7900 block of Bull Hill Rd. called police after hearing the children's cries Friday morning.

"Not only your own kids, but look out for any kid in the neighborhood," Capt. Kei said.

Munford will spend the weekend in jail before an initial court hearing next week.


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      • manalishi

        Troll, Jay! there’s no need for you to stop being ladies about this. Just admit that you “chumps” support him and his lifestyle and everything will be fine. Maybe you two should just get a room likeThunder Buddies do.

  • Glen Allen

    30 feet is not that far away, and the car windows were down, I can see the indecent exposure charges, but with the information provided so far, I don’t see the child endangerment. While ha may not have had his eyes on them, he could obviously hear them, and he knew where they were.Was the engine running, or the keys on the ignition? Seems like something(s) is missing from this story.

    • Caitlin

      I don’t think it matters if he was 30 feet or 30 inches. The main question needs to be how hot was it outside and inside the vehicle, how far were the windows rolled down, and how long were the babies left in the car? Just sitting in backed up traffic in 93 degree weather can overheat an animal, imagine a baby.

    • Sha

      If the neighbors heard his children crying he did too! That’s where the endangerment comes in, he didn’t know the reason his children were crying and he didn’t care he was worried about himself and his own pleasure.

    • Brad

      He clearly could not see them as they were in the parking lot (in front of the duplex) and he was behind the duplex. Also, it appears he could not hear them, otherwise he would have responded to their cries. Having the windows down, does not put the children at less of a risk. Forget the heat, they could have been abducted. Leaving your kids in a parked car, out of view, while you commit a crime, is not OK. Have mercy, there is no expectation of responsibility or accountability in this country anymore.

    • William

      Lady, he’s not reading the comments i’m pretty sure he could care less that tou wrote “you stupid”. You are laughable and ignorant.

      • Belsma

        Can you not admit that what he “allegedly” did was wrong? I am not going to hurl insults, but I am tired of the “it’s not my fault” program. People need to take responsibly for their screw ups, no matter how big or small.

  • kitty

    Wow….hope the pleasure you were seeking is worth loosing your kids… I bet the kids mother will never let him take his kids anywhere alone…..stupid

  • krista

    What a piece of filth. This makes a second time this summer that supposed adults were fornicating in public within close proximity to children. If the children were in the front of the duplex and mister nasty behind the duplex, how could he have been properly supervising their safety. Disgusting.

  • Jay

    Hope the kids are OK. Appears they are fine.
    Appears the woman’s boyfriend reported the incident. The babies were not crying when the cops got there?
    Likely, a cultural issue…….and, jealousy?

    • krista

      Sammy, your right. The only “entitlement” he and others like him need is a locked on chastity belt.

  • paula

    He is the lowest of the low. Where was the mother to the twins? I bet that his last babysitting day

    • William

      Actually he’s the sole provider for the children and all are well taken care of, know an individual before you throw stones and try to judge them.

      • athynz

        Yeah because nothing screams good parenting like locking the kids in a hot car while getting his rocks off on the other side of the house…

      • Paula

        That is something that you will never know because no woman that has a good mind would want to have children with YOU.

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  • Name required

    The suspects are described as black males around 5’10″ and were wearing black t-shirts

    Just repeat this to yourself again and again. You really don’t need to read the articles.

  • Paula

    William you said that I am laughable and ignorant. No what is laughable and ignorant is someone like you that don’t think what this man did was wrong. So were you waiting for him to get finish so you can have your turn?

  • angel2

    I feel sorry for those children. Being in the foster care system can be frightening…especially if you’re separated from your siblings. As for some of the posters on here, they are not that much better than the father, judging by the hateful, childish and ignorant comments.

      • angel2


  • Manny Sr G

    I cannot believe people are more worried about how the article was written,than the safety about the children.Is jesse jackson going to fight for the rights of these children,probably not,there is no money to be made here.I am not surprised by the actions of these people !

  • Dee Cee

    I am not here to defend this man, but two of the posters (and you know who you are) were supporting the young lady that left her child unattended in a vehicle that died a couple of weeks ago in the trailer park, but are here condeming this gentlemen…

  • Sandy

    Sorry but that’s so what majority of that race do no class no respect for there f a mile or others

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