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‘This is MY house!’ 80-year-old man traps burglar in his bathroom

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Herman Carter (PHOTO:  Greg McQuade)

Herman Carter (PHOTO: Greg McQuade)

RICHMOND, Va. - An 80-year-old Richmond man caught a burglar in the bathroom of his home over the weekend, Richmond Police said.

It is a story about a man protecting his castle and things that go bump in the night. Herman Carter was trying to fall asleep late last Friday night in the basement of his home.

"He came in through the window in the front," Carter said.

It wasn't one of his family members.

"I heard a thumping noise to start with," Herman said. "So I came down three flights of steps and started to look around to see what was going on."

Police said Jermaine Prentiss forced his way into the Terminal Avenue home on Richmond's Southside startling Carter.

Herman noticed the burglar was hiding in the bathroom.

Jermaine Prentiss (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

Jermaine Prentiss (PHOTO: Richmond Police)

"I didn't want him in charge of me. This is my house," Herman said. "Was I scared? No."

Instead of running from his house, Carter grabbed hold of the doorknob with a vice like grip.

"This is all I did. I just wrapped my fingers around knob," he said.

With the bad guy in the john, Carter alone with no way of calling police, the brave homeowner waited and waited for 30 minutes for family members to arrive.

"And then my daughter came in and as soon as she came in I told her to call 911."

Carter turned 80 years old in June, but says he can still hold his own.

Police raced to the scene and arrest Prentiss trapped in Carter's tiled cell block.

People who live nearby said the man who broke into Carter's home picked on the wrong guy to mess with.

Neighbor Tabb, too shy to show her face, salutes Herman for standing tall.

"I think it is great," Tabb said. "I think he did the right thing. I'm much younger than he is. I don't know how I would handle it."

Asked if he would do it again, Carter wouldn't hesitate.

"No question about it. This is my property and you are here by invitation only and he didn't have one," says Carter.

Jermaine Prentiss from Sandston was arrested and charged with burglary. He was freed and is awaiting his next court date.

Carter is no stranger to disciplining people younger than he.  Carter was the principal of Kennedy High School in Richmond from 1977 to 1979.


    • manalishi

      I would have shot him anyway. Real Men (and don;t forget the ladies) shouldn’t have to pay for s**t like this.

    • Belsma

      I was wondering the same thing. Maybe he does not have a record and this is his first offense? Even so, I think he should have stayed in the clinker.

  • Jay

    It cost $$ to keep him in jail. Magistrate must have figured he was not a threat. The City can’t afford to water its trees. Jails already bustin’ at the seams.

    • Belsma

      Maybe they should get him to water trees while he is out. Make him go down to the James with a bucket and carry the water up. Glad the homeowner was not harmed, other than maybe feeling violated. He’s such a cutie pie and seems so sweet, but maybe he should invest in an alarm system.

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