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Family relieved after teen found guilty in Rusty Mack’s murder

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. -  After deliberating for about three hours, a Chesterfield jury found an 18-year-old woman guilty in the the murder of Rusty Mack.

There was a heavy police presence outside and inside the Chesterfield Courthouse Friday as the jury convicted Blair Dacey of second-degree murder, but not aggravated malicious wounding. Instead, she was found guilty of assault and battery

CBS 6 senior reporter Wayne Covil reported that Dacey looked on in disbelief as the verdict was read. Then she put her head in her hands and sobbed.

“There’s no happiness because nothing will bring him back. And this is just a memory for him,” Mike Mack, Rusty’s father, said. “I’m just glad the people saw it’s not just the people saying it was wrong.”

There were tears from both sides of the courtroom as the verdict was read.

“There’s finally justice for Rusty,” Samantha Schickler, Rusty Mack's cousin said fighting back tears. “We’ve been waiting for so long.”

Dacey, a former high school soccer player, is accused of kicking Mack, 21, in the face during an alcohol-fueled confrontation outside his Colonial Heights apartment in February 2013.

Rusty Mack 01

Mack fell and hit his head on the curb. After 17 days in a coma, Mack died when his family removed him from life support.

A Henrico jury acquitted Ashley's boyfriend Jonathan Guy on second-degree murder and murder by mob charges. Charges against Mack's estranged wife Ashley and another man, Francis Blaha, were nolle prossed in this case after they agreed to testify against Dacey.

“If it won’t for Ashley and Frankie, I don’t think that the verdict would have came out like it should," Schickler said. "I’m just glad they owned up to everything… to be honest with everybody.”

Dacey, a juvenile when Mack died, was the last person charged in the case.

Witnesses testified Mack was drunk and fell down during the fight.  When he tried to get up, they said Dacey kicked him in the face.

Dacey’s friends and family members would not comment as they left the courthouse. One man did say that it was an extremely sad day.

Dacey is scheduled to be sentenced on Oct. 23 at 11 a.m.


  • paula

    I don’t know if anyone else will agree with me but I be,ieve that his wife and the others should go to jail also. There was there. They didn’t tried to stop it.

    • Glen Allen

      I hope the “estranged” wife is doing plenty of whoring around, because when she is finally charged, found guilty, and jailed, things will be much different

    • Dorothy

      The bias was the police cover up and failing to release the dashcam videos at the scene which showed that Officer Sam Young wrote a different version of events 4 days later in his police report. The few officers involved in this cover up that Rusty was the active attacker is why the police kept spinning this in the media. No one else but the police trying to convince people my daughter did anything but defend herself. The police were also spinning up trouble on these kids weeks before Rusty attacked them. The police could have easily went over and said no house parties, instead of trying to organize it as a civil lawsuit against Frankie Blaha because he had inherited his house and they wanted him to lose it for having house parties and some of the police officers just did not want their teens to go over to Frankie’s parties. The police officers saw this an an opportunity to seize the property, rather than just go and break up the parties. Which Rusty watched them from his building, took a suggestion from someone in the legal field he trusted and organized the attack on himself and texted people earlier in the day to round up as many witnesses as possible to be there when Rusty started calling demanding they drive his cousin to his apartment to talk. When they didn’t come, he called several more times then started saying a girl at his building wanted to come over to where they were to come after Ashley. It was just around the next corner from his building. Rusty made it seem like they had no option to make it stop, had been calling doing this every night. They thought if they had it recorded they could try to get someone to make it stop, since most everyone they called in the family didn’t take it seriously and they felt intimidated to go to the police for help since it was family. Rusty went over across the street and assaulted his former wife in the dark while my daughter is hearing her scream in distress while being assaulted by Rusty. Rusty then hit muddy cold water with his feet that splashed my daughters face and eyes after Rusty promised to let go of his cousin and stop wrestling. Being a wrestler Rusty was fighting on the ground the whole time and he didn’t stop attacking or appear injured at all until he fell back on his head, right after my daughter lifted her foot to kick back at him to back him away to keep him off of her, with the side of her foot. This is government control from all angles, parents are arrested if they allow parties, older teens are targeted if they have their own house and parties are there. Rusty had over .30 blood alcohol and died weeks after because his dad didn’t take his injury seriously for several hours and tried to keep Rusty at the local hospital where Rusty’s dad’s wife worked instead of taking him directly to MCV. Now my daughter is in jail for what police twisted up their reports to appear as a mob attack and then murder of her friend’s own cousin.

  • Wanda

    I hate that they are questioning “was it the kick to the face or the fall to the ground that caused his death”. In my opinion, it was the kick that made him fall back and hit his head. If she had not of kicked him, he would not have fallen back and hit the curb and he’d still be alive. Testimonies prove that she kicked him, kicked him hard. Her boyfriend begged her not to get out of the car because it had nothing to do with them but she chose to get out. They all chose to go there and now this young man is gone. This is the saddest situation and I pray for the Mack family that justice will be served.

    • Bruce Collier

      the sleazey defense lawyers will try anything.To me,it’s like saying she pushed him off a cliff,but the push wasn’t what killed him.Had Blair Dacey jut kept her self in the car like her boyfriend asked,none of this would have happened.She was determined to fight somebody.

  • Working Man

    Each one of them had the choice NOT to go there and fight Rusty. And you saw Blaha’s testimony: Margaret Blair Dacey “seemed excited” about getting out there into a fight. That’s intent to do harm. They didn’t go there to play checkers. Hello?


    Thank GOD someone is found gulty although this is a very sad situatuion. I pray this family with find some peace.

  • Wanda

    Finally some justice for this family. Very sad situation. Prayers for all of the Mack family and friends of Rusty Mack. I’m sure it has been a long difficult road this last year and a half.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    A jury trial for a case that was all over the media? This was a trial by media not a trial by jury.

  • Dustin Cavanaugh

    Also Rusty has the worst family I have ever seen and they poorly represent his name. They bullied Blair’s mom this whole time going as far as to make personal attacks simply just to make them without instigation. His family makes me sick. They are horrible people.

    • sw

      This has nothing to do with his family. It has everything to do with people who decided to beat someone to death. They all made a choice and 3 of them got lucky. Every last one of them belong in jail.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        That’s your opinion but it is different from reality. They didn’t do anything to warrant jail time but Blair at most deserved involuntary manslaughter not 2nd degree murder. Though I would have chose a bench trial because the media output of this reached well into Chesterfield because it reached all over VA. There was no way to have a fair jury trial.

    • athynz

      To be fair the friends and families of the defendants also did more than their share of dragging Rusty Mack and his family through the mud – some did so on this very site, remember that Cole person? Personally I think all 4 of that mob should have been charged as they all had the choice to take it as far as they did. I hope that this gives Rusty Mack’s family some closure.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        They stopped, Rusty’s family didn’t. That’s the main thing. I witnessed it first hand. I’ve also talked to Blair and her mom on a personal level since then. From a 3rd party perspective it was a shame. Combine that with seeing people related to the case posting on news articles, this looked bad and I expect an appeal and I hope they choose a bench trial for the appeal. The jury trial for a media driven case was NOT a good idea. These people already knew the story from the media account. There is a REASON the other people were acquitted and the story likely first broke on these people without that information. Being the jury I am sure they got the full account later but it’s hard to be unbiased after already taking a firm stance.

    • Anne-Marie Whitlock Alexander

      How dare you hurl insults at this grieving family? I know his mother and stepfather personally and they are some of the nicest people, not to mention they are not confrontational under normal circumstances. If they have made personal attacks on poor Blair or her family, who could blame them? Rusty DIED. They came there looking for trouble and guess what, they found it. I’m angry that so many got away with murder. And Blair will probably walk away with a slap on the wrist. Not one of these people are innocent, despite the verdicts. His blood is on all of their hands although I’m sure they have no remorse for their part. I’d bet the only regrets are the effect it had on them. A MAN DIED BECAUSE OF THEIR ACTIONS!!! Let’s think about this. A group of people came to Rusty’s residence calling him out for a fight. He winds up dead. And this is Rusty’s fault? I cannot for the life of me understand why some of you think that this is okay. Had this happened the other way around, you’d be all up in arms about wanting justice for Blair. You are clearly friends of the “others” and cannot remove yourself from it emotionally to see they ARE NOT the victims here. It’s Rusty and his family. They lost a son.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        They didn’t get acquitted for no reason. The true story shows Rusty wasn’t as innocent as the media originally portrayed him. The fact someone can get charged with 2nd degree murder for an accident also is sickening.

    • sw

      That’s funny because if that were the case the others would be sitting in jail too. They all went there to start something and they did just that which ended with the death of a young man. I don’t care what you think of this family. They killed this guy plain and simple and nothing is going to change it. Not your comments about this dead mans family or you thinking you know the law better than anyone else. All of them played a part in this mans death and none of them should have skated, plain and simple. Come back when you actually have a real law degree.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        You talk about me thinking I know the law better than anyone else, you are the one telling me people acquitted should have been charged with murder. Hypocrite much? It’s apparent you also don’t know the actual story though so I will let you continue on in your fairyland.

      • Working Man

        Dustin: it’s sickening that you ‘feel’ more for the murderer than you do the victim and his family. And you want to preach about “reality”?? Well, here’s some reality: she was found guilty of murder – in a courtroom, not in “the media” – and she’s going up the river for quite a while. If that reality pisses you off, well, GOOD! You need it.

        There are none so blind as those who *refuse* to see.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        I’m not blind, I jut hate injustice. The excessive murder charge shows me all I need to know about the situation. She didn’t mean to kill him. He also didn’t help de-escalate the situation before hand. I don’t feel for dead people because dead people don’t feel. The family is what’s left. It’s a shame how his family is acting.

      • Paula

        Dustin I now know why you upset that the young man fami,y was pushing for a guilty verdict. It is because if that was you your family wouldn’t fight for you.

  • sw

    First off only one was aquitted so you don’t know what you are talking about. Two of them had the charges dropped. They all should be in jail period. If that had been my kid they would probably be six feet under.

      • Working Man

        Hey Dopey: that had the option & choice of not going there. At least Frankie Blaha had a conscious about the gruesome violence he saw, and did the right thing by testifying for the prosecution. That man has a soul. The rest are unsalvageable.

      • sw

        What exactly about what I said makes me a hypocrite. That statement made you sound stupid. Now if I said they should have been in jail and I got away with a crime and didn’t go to jail that might make me a hypocrite. You are just pissed off because you always side with the criminals which is really sad.

    • sw

      Do the two of you not have a life? Your comments constantly on here are those of someone who has nothing better to do or say.

      • Analishi

        Do you not have a life?… would you know if someone was “constantly on here” if you weren’t “constantly on here” assclown?

      • sw

        I have a life that is why I come on here everyday to read the news. Unlike you who comes on here usually to start stuff with other posters or to make stupid comments that have nothing to do with the story. Your dated and timed post let me know that you are on here constantly. Maybe that is why you use at least two different names on here

  • Norma Earls

    Dustin Cavanaugh your sour grapes can’t bitter the taste of sweet justice. Your opinion about precious Rusty and his loving family is as meaningless as a gnat on a dog turd. Perhaps one day you will grow to be half the man Rusty was.

  • John Smith

    Just heard about this case yesterday. She deserves to spend a long time in jail. Hopefully she’ll get kicked around the same way she kicked him. What I hope the most is that she lives the rest of her life remembering every day what she did. She should never be able to go one day without being reminded of this.

    • Bruce Collier

      sentencing guidelines as I understand them in Virginia for second degree murder are for a sentence of not less than 5 years and not more than 40 years in prison.On top of that Blair Dacey will be known for the rest of her days as a murderer.

  • Bruce Collier

    To Dustin ,,If I understand how it all works the defendant and their lawyers have input as to whether it’s a bench trial or a jury trial.The game that you play there is with a jury trial all it takes is ONE juror to have reasonable doubt and it works in the defendant’s favor.This time it didn’t work out that way.As far as a bench trial on appeal,first you have to win the appeal in order to have a new trial.I doubt the result would or will be any different.I do agree with you that the rest shouldn’t have been charged with murder.The one person that was responsible was convicted by a jury of her peers.If there was a criminal charge for the other three for being really crappy people,they’d be found guilty but unfortunately there isn’t.Last…an accident? Really Dustin?Next you’ll be blaming Rusty for running into Blair’s foot and killing himself.

    • Sam

      Perhaps you have missed the point of “accident”. Can you understand that if you and I were in a fist fight and you suffered death from tripping up and knocking your head, then your death would have been an unintended accident?

      • sw

        Kicking someone in the head is not an accident. Just like if you are in a fight with someone and they pick up a baseball bat and crack you in the head. Not an accident.

      • Dustin Cavanaugh

        Kicking someone and then they accidentally fall and hit their head and die IS an accident. The hit isn’t but the death is. That’s why I am shocked that its a murder charge.

      • Paula

        He would not have fell if he wasn’t hit. That why it is murder. Do you really believe what you said? If someone hit or kick you and you fell and hit your head could it be said that it not muder because you fell and hit your own head? That exactly what your comment is saying.

  • Judy Nealy Keller

    Blair got exactly what she deserves, it is a shame that the other’s that were involved aren’t right there with her. they are just as guilty, however you can rest assure they will answer to a higher judge.

  • Tyrone Bigum

    Dustin, Why don’t you go out and get kicked in the face and let us know how sorry you feel for that person.

    • Dustin Cavanaugh

      You gonna do it? I guarantee I won’t die from it you troll. Why not? Because I don’t drink. Because I don’t drink I would be drunk and fall and bust my head. Where was the family with that drinking problem? Could have saved his life that way, Waited until it was too late.

  • Timmy McFadden

    Since she’s a woman, she’s not really accountable or responsible for her actions (everyone knows that), so she’ll probably only get probation and a small fine.

  • Belsma

    What I would like to know is why these young “adults” thought it was okay to go fight someone over an argument/disagreement? Who taught them that violence is okay to “solve” their problems? I don’t know if they grew up like that or not, but if one of my children behaved like that at any point I would be the first one to throw them under the bus. It’s not acceptable, in fact it’s downright trashy. Way to make your parents proud kids! (sarc).

  • Johnny Jones

    Where are an earth did a young ‘girl’ aquire this level of hate, viciousness and callousness? Will the father now step forward and answer, please? In my opinion he should be charged for something too. Where were you when she needed guidance, advice and tough love, Maurice?

    • Belsma

      If they were underaged, then yes, the parents should have some sort of accountability, but unfortunately it’s too late. I don’t know any of the people involved, but I don’t think the whole lot of them all of the sudden became angry thugs. They obviously thought nothing wrong with this behavior.

  • Johnnie G

    Alcohol + folks with minimal social competence.. and this is what you get.
    Death and ruined lives..
    Sad situation

  • Lauren

    I feel so sorry for the family. Why did the people involved have to fight. Whatever the problem was they could have just talked it out not fight it out. Kicking someone in head face is no ACCIDENT. Its just plain mean.

  • dont belive anything you hear and only half of what you see

    Its totally obvious that none of you were there that night as neither was I. But all you media feed zombies listen to the news and expect it to be the truth but I hate to tell you that the truth doesn’t sell a great story so the zombies won’t feed n crappy truthful stories so they extend it make shit up so you will buy into it. Truth is the Commonwealth attorneys office made up this fantastic story to make themselves a name in this little no nothing town and everybody suffered from the horrible lies from the public to the macks and the accused families. And just a reminder this is how it all got started to begin with stupid comments made on social media and young minds not being adults thinking about tommorrow so sorry for all families involved as nobody wins.

  • Michele

    The Commondwealth Attorney’s office “made up this fantastic story”? Are you out of your mind?

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