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‘Humiliating’ Facebook post upsets mom after little girl’s in-store accident

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HOLT, Missouri - Ask any parent and most will tell you that toilet training a child is not an easy task. Accidents are bound to happen.

Samantha Sargent, a Missouri mother of a two-year-old girl, said those accidents should be handled with understanding, not public humiliation. She said humiliation is what she said she got from a store employee after her daughter had an accident inside the business, according to

Sargent said it happen when she and her daughters entered their town's new Dollar General. Railyn, Sargent's daughter, had the immediate urge to use the restroom.

upset 04

"She had an accident," Sargent said. "I went to buy her some new underwear and basically changed her, cleaned her up, like I think any mom would."

As they checked out, the toddler was only wearing a shirt and the new dry underwear her mom just bought. The wet underwear was in the shopping cart.

"The lady just started ringing us up, she didn’t really say anything to us until we were almost finished. That’s when she got to the open package of underwear,” Sargent explained. “That’s when she said [Railyn] wasn’t properly dressed for a public place and was completely rude and disrespectful, and she humiliated us."

That night Sargent took to Facebook and asked for comments and suggestions about how to handle the situation.

upset 03


Sargent's friends encouraged her to talk to the store manager.

But then a friend told her the store manager also posted on Facebook. She asked:

“Who thinks it’s okay to have your young daughter in a public place with underwear and a t-shirt?”upset 02

The post upset Sargent.

“The biggest part of it was I’m a mom, and that’s my baby, and you don’t talk about my child," she said. "That’s a feeling that only a mother can understand."

In response to the situation, a Dollar General wrote:

Dollar General strives to provide customers a respectful, welcoming and pleasant shopping experience with friendly customer service. The recent incident at our store in Holt is not reflective of our mission of Serving Others and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this unfortunate situation may have caused. We are providing additional training to our store associates in Holt to reinforce our company policies regarding customer service and look forward to the opportunity to serve this customer again soon.

Source: WDAF


  • troy

    why is the post from the store on facebook blurred to protect them.its a public forum and the media is wrong for blurring post something to facebook you dont get to then have it hidden unless you hide or delete the comment.

    • Priscilla Marie Montcalm

      That’s not a post from the store it’s a post from the Managers personal account. They blurred her name, so she doesn’t get upset and try take action against the news station. Her post was never public just to her friends, someone took a screenshot of it and sent it to the Mothers page.

  • Jay

    Mother needs to get over it and move on. The two year old will never remember the event unless mom continues to make it a big deal. “….only a mother would understand…” Bull. Mother needs to get over yourself.

  • Kim

    Yes the child will not remember the incident BUT it’s also not a matter of “mother needs to get over herself”. That employee and manager were way out of line with their rude comments. ANY parent would understand that toddlers WILL have accidents and sometimes it happens in a public place and I can understand not wanting to put wet undies/ shorts back on your kid because I would’ve done the same. If that had been me with my son, I would not do anymore business with that store again. The employee and manager’s actions were uncalled for, period. Compassion does go a long way but that’s an art many people have forgotten nowadays.

  • Lindsey Herzig Tatum

    Why didn’t she buy her a cheap pair of shorts along with it? I completely understand being upset about the rude cashier, but if I didn’t know the situation (like most of the customers & general public at the time), I would think it was very inappropriate for a little girl to be that underdressed. I think it was just blown out of proportion all the way around.

  • Pam

    Does that store make remarks when guys come in with half their underwear showing where they wear their pants hanging off? It’s a small child my gosh I would have done the same!

    • angel2

      Pam….you’re absolutely right! Having your almost entire boxer-shorts butt and lower abdomen hanging out is SO unsightly! So her cute little belly showed at little…she’s only 2 years old, for crying out loud!! I had an accident (when I was around the same age) in a five-and-dime store. I remember my mother buying underwear, and taking me back to the bathroom to change me. At that time, most girls wore dresses, so nobody noticed.

  • Rae Weatherford

    It was already embarrassing enough for your daughter she did not need the additional humiliation, it’s none of the clerk’s business what your daughter was wearing to begin with, she obviously does not have children or she never would have made those comments, kudos to you for having the self control to not reach over the counter and smack her. And please ignore the comment above, Ms. Tatum obviously does not understand how stressful the situation was for you or your daughter, keep extra clothes in your trunk from now on as more than likely this will not be the only accident your daughter will ever have.

  • Priscilla Marie Montcalm

    Honestly I think this situation is getting entirely too blown up. I have two children, the youngest just turned 3 and occasionally she still has accidents. Accidents happen, it’s the way life goes. But I have also worked in Customer Service my entire life, and this whole situation could have been handled much more discreetly. Customer Service is defined as the ‘Assistance’ that a company provides to it’s customers, and is designed to enhance the customers satisfaction. So therefore this cashier had no business commenting on this child as they were on their way out the store. I could understand if she was under dressed walking in and the cashier thought it would bother other customers, but she had an accident and the mother handled it the best way possible. She didn’t leave her to walk around in her wet clothes, and she didn’t just strip her down and leave her naked. And thank God she didn’t take her out to the HOT CAR to sit until she was done shopping!! Now on the note of the this all going publicly haywire, if I was in the situation with a rude cashier, which has happened before, I would have tried to handle it with the cashier. Being highly trained in customer service my self, it drives me insane when dealing with those who lack the skill. If that didn’t work out the Mother should have got the number to the corporate office before she ever left the store, and took her complaint up with them. Most small stores like this have a close knit staff, and matters can’t be resolved internally. So before taking her complaint publicly to Facebook and asking for opinions, she should have taken her complaint and concerns to corporate. From there if things couldn’t be resolved I would definitely look to Facebook as an outlet to my friends and family, to tell my story and recommend they all join me in avoiding this store. So the mother was out of line asking for opinions on facebook, if she was upset with her service that was her opinion and she should have voiced it to DG not to FB asking for others opinions before taking action. The Manager was also out of line, like I said before small stores have close knit staff, so of course she would try to cover for her cashier. Although her post wasn’t public, it was to enough people in the community for it to reach back to the Mother. So all three have done wrong in my eyes, the Cashier was at fault for not having proficient customer service skills, which could also say that corporate is to blame for that as well. The Mother is like most of people these days, she took her complaints and concerns to Facebook, before even trying to resolve the issue. And the Manager as well should realize the reach Facebook has before she decided to shame on social media. Now who’s really getting hurt in all this? I’d say poor Railyn, who will have a public news article out about her peeing her pants for the rest of her life. I definitely wouldn’t wanna see a clip out of that in my baby book. Especially the photo of her tearing up, come on now. Was that really necessary?

    • Jay

      Wordy, but agreed. This will be her “claim to fame” for years.
      Now, its mom’s fault. I’m sure no one will ever bully this child over something that should have “disappeared”; but, now is forever saved in the clouds.

  • Susan

    I would have said, I’m sorry I thought this was Walmart, paid for my stuff and never go back…Accidents do happen:/

  • Candy

    Seriously? She’s 2 years old. What about all the teenagers who come into stores “under dressed”? Nothing should have ever been said to that mother about the situation.

  • Ann NIchols

    She was 2 – if she had a diaper and tshirt no one would have said a word – what is wrong with people – shes a baby.
    I think the store needs to apologize. The clerk was WRONG.

  • random

    As a mother I am sorry that your daughter had a accident. But your the parent you should have packed a extra outfit and panties, I never leave the house without a extra outfit for my daughter. Haven’t left the house without a extra outfit since she was born its your job to pack for anything that might happen. Although I think the store employee and store manager are rude and need to grow a heart

  • Greg

    I agree that the clerk was wrong. But if you child is not fully trained and you know it, put a diaper on her in public or leave her at home.

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