Liberty University grad reporting on Malaysian plane crash

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Han Tan is back home covering one of the biggest stories around the world, the crash of a Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 in Ukraine.

Tan, a 2006 graduate of Liberty University, is a television anchor for a news agency in Malaysia.

"The fact it happened just months after Malaysia 370 as well, really disbelieve is an understatement, we just don't know how 2 aviation incidents of this magnitude can happen in such a short space of time," Tan said in a phone interview.

Many governments are now under the belief the flight was shot down.

"This is a big airplane, that you're hitting, it's gonna take a lot to bring it down but one missile in the right spot and it's coming down," CBS 6 aviation expert Johnny Mazza said.

Mazza said unlike the missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 mystery, with the crash over land, the black box should be located and help solve what happened.

His only concern is if the box goes to Russia.

"I'd feel much more comfortable if a different European nation took that box or even if they bought it back to the US for us to analyze," Mazza said.

Mazza said he is glad most countries have now banned commercial flight over the war-torn area.


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