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Former Freeman High School aide speaks about arrest

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - It's been eight months since Joshua Brinkley was arrested for allegedly recording an undressed student at Freeman High School in Henrico County.

The charges against the 23-year-old man were dropped this week.

During a January hearing, a judge deferred his judgment until July. That meant if Brinkley met the terms and conditions the judge set out, the charge could be dismissed. It was.

Now, Brinkley is speaking out to CBS 6 for the first time.

"I've just been staying positive, keeping God first," Brinkley said.

Brinkley was an instructional aide at Freeman High School where he worked with special needs children at the school he also once attended.

"I still love those kids, still love them to this day," he said.

Brinkley did not want to go into details about his arrest, but did say this:

"Whoever portrayed me as that, that's not me, " said Brinkley. "I heard pedophile, freak, I heard it all and it's just not me."

Brinkley knows the arrest sparked controversy for many people in the community, with some concerned about the news. But, he said he's had support from friends and family during this time.

"I've learned a lot from this, it's definitely made me more humble," he said.

Brinkley said he's since found a new job, but said he still misses his time at Freeman.

"I'd love to go back to Freeman, that's my home," he said, "I don't see why it even went this far."


  • paula

    It said if he meet the term that the judge order his changes would get dismiss. That don’t mean he didn’t do it.

    • whoa

      after reading several posts from Paula, I’ve come to the conclusion that she is illiterate—I mean it’s beyond typos.

      • manalishi

        Even i don’t attack grammar or spelling first. It’s cheap. Establish a personal standard that listens or reads first so you do not look like Sarah David/troll or chumps that rely on the word “ignorant” as a crutch.

      • paula

        Awwwww Messy Manalish you are angry at me because I told you about yourself. Go into your bathroom and take your medcine and take a long nap.

  • mbaker9105

    I wonder under what terms the charges were dismissed. Is he allowed to work around children anymore, etc.? Was there enough evidence to proceed if warranted? If fully innocent why not fight it? Did the parent(s) agree or ask for this to save embarrassment? Was there a non-disclosure agreement on the terms and condition of dropping the charges? Just lots of unfilled in blanks here. I’m also usually leery of people in trouble like this invoking God, etc. It’s as silly as a sports team “God was with us tonight). Does that mean God was against the other team?I certainly wouldn’t want him around my kids based on what is printed here……

  • paula

    Robbie Thank you. I feel this is the place to speak what on our mind about a article. As far as whoa, Cathy & Manalish they don’t have a mind to use. If they would stop sharing that pipe they might would realize what is real or what is not.

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