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Deadbeat parents showing flash getting busted on Facebook

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john-mccroy-facebookMILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office has been using social media websites to track down deadbeat parents.

They are using the information they find about the moms and dads to hold them accountable.

For instance, three-year-old Casey is chock full of life; the kind of kid that makes you want to have kids. It’s hard to imagine what parent wouldn’t want to give him the world. But his own father barely gives him a dime.

“He’s paid a total of a $189 in three and a half years,” says Jennifer Cvikel, Casey’s mom, in an interview with WITI.

She says he only paid that much just to keep himself out of jail.

If you do the math, John Rau has paid less than 14 cents a day since his son was born.  It would be laughable if it weren’t so tragic. You see, Casey has leukemia.

“It’s a nightmare, I mean, your world just crashes right in front of you and you don’t even have a chance to react to it,” Cvikel remembers. “They just started taking him and this and that and more testing and then we were stuck in the hospital for weeks.”

For a year and a half, Casey suffered through chemotherapy, spinal taps and dozens of hospital stays. He even had to learn to walk again with physical therapy.

And through it all his father has not been by his side.

But all of his bragging on social media is exactly why he’s now facing felony charges for failing to pay child support.

And Rau isn’t the only one.

Melissa Jones got a nose job instead of paying her child support. Then there is Theoris Stewart the self-professed R&B sensation who bought a fancy music studio instead of paying child support.

Robert Ellis has 17 kids.  Kelvin Jones has 13 kids. And Antonio Burks has 11 kids. They one thing they all have in common ? They haven’t always paid their child support.

“They don’t think they’re going to get caught,” says Maureen Atwell, an assistant district attorney at the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office says in an interview with WITI.

And that’s where they would be wrong. It’s not a crime if you can’t pay child support. It is a crime when you can afford to pay and you don’t pay on purpose for at least four months.

“I think the most important thing I do in my job is to weed out people who are simply too poor to pay their child support from people who can pay their child support and choosing not to,” Atwell says.

In other words, separating the deadbeats from the dead brokes.

“Social media has made a pretty big difference in our cases because it is a pretty good tool in determining who has resources and who doesn’t,” Atwell says.

McCroy doesn’t just have the money, he’s flaunting it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube — everywhere you look.

“Stacks and stacks of money, all this jewelry, the cars. It was just, like, wow, really?” says Haynes.

The guy seen flashing all that money on Facebook said he made it selling mix tapes. His rap name is Mr. JakItDown. He admitted he hasn’t paid child support in five years, but he insists there was a paperwork error, according to WITI. 

“He not gonna sit here and lead a flashy life and not help me,” Haynes says.

Lucky for her, that flashy life may be the one thing that finally makes him pay up.

“I really think that it is not that they are too stupid to realize that this is evidence. I think they think nobody cares,” Atwell says.

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    • Kelly

      I totally agree with you both. This is a da** shame. I’m a single mother of one and I’m taking care of my daughter alone. I work a full time and part time job in the medical field. It’s very hard. To all of the father’s who are in their kids lives, I don’t mind giving you praise. Keep doing what you’re doing. To all of the single parents out here like myself, keep your head up and keep doing the wonderful job that you’re doing. I promise you, it’s not going to be a struggle forever and it will pay off thing the long run :-)

  • manalishi

    The 3 democrats on the cover photo think it’s fine if YOUR kids suffer (via excessive taxes) so their larvae can eat well and have a roof over their head. Although there may a an ultra minute exception, the moms here (with their open leg policies) aren’t any better than the “chumps” that refuse to accept responsibilty (unless paid otherwise).

  • troy

    yeah they keep having them and obama keeps making us all pay for daddy is really not funny as in reality im the daddy you scum bags

    • Patricia

      Please proof read your post with all those errors. You people are funny, people been having babies way before President Obama step foot in the whitehouse. Blame everything on him. You claim president Obama is making you pay for the ones who’s father are not in their lives….. If that’s the case, guess what??? You’ve been taking care of them when that sorry a** Bush was in office too

      • manalishi

        It’s called enabling. ” If that’s the case, guess what???” Yeah working people didn’t like them then either. Dumba**.

      • Troll

        roger/manalishi/clayton. you are not a working person. all you do is post stupid comments on the web all day long, not work. The conviction for an assault on a helpless woman years ago does make you a felon. Stop lying.

      • manalishi

        Poor troll,,you never had credibility, now you back in the gutter turning tricks with you mom,,,again

  • Pootersox

    Really, Manalishi? You know what party these folks are in? You took the time to check Wisconsin voter registrations? I’m impressed– to have *that much* hatred for any other person you do not know, that you will do that much research. Oh, you didn’t do the research? Didn’t think so.

    You have no idea what these women’s circumstances are. You don’t know what sort of relationships they had with their children’s fathers.

    I *would* point out that the deadbeat *dads* are the ones spreading their legs in order to impregnate as many women as they can before abandoning them and their offspring. Guess they never heard of condoms, hmmm? Oh, I forgot. Men don’t have to protect themselves from parenthood– that’s the woman’s job.

    You are a low excuse for a human being, Manalishi.

  • Marci LaBrie

    Actually it goes back to Johnson…another Democrat who signed off on the welfare bill in the mid 60’s…you know the one…the one where he was recorded saying, “I’ll have these N*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 yrs. I say just cut the tracks to the money train….let them breed all they want. Law of nature will weed out those who can’t or won’t feed their young…those genes will die out of society.

  • manalishi

    Sure thing Pootersux. #1 ” what party these folks are in?” these aren’t folks, 11,13, &17 these are feral animals by definition hence they are democratsand are more than willing to starve their kids. Sow.
    #2 Scott Walker has done a fantastic job of turning Wisconson into an economic icon despite democrats best efforts to turn it into a Richmond.
    #3 “You don’t know what sort of relationships they had with their children’s fathers.” Yes we do, that’s what the article is about you drooling f—g tard.
    #4 maybe you missed it (because you democrats struggle putting all them words together) but i smashed both genders equally since obviously none of them are responsible enough to breed without public assistance.
    #5 You must be taking some kind of estrogen stance provoking your extended outrage but there really isn’t any point discussing the taste of carpet. Women are so much more enjoyable when they are women. Only democrats use victims for profit.
    #6 I feel so much better as a low excuse for a human coming from a sow that supports the articles lifestyle of parasitic priorities. At least it’s human. Surely you would have felt better if the expose’ was documented from a trailer park, but the illegals have taken them over. no worries, the new trailer park tenants are quickly consuming your freebies faster than an Obama supporter can vote twice. You better learn to hable’ quickly or you won’t even be able to compete for free phones.

      • manalishi

        that would be the statement that proves your soul was for sale,,,cheap. Kinda sounds like your a closet George W lover. But hey, its acceptable if you like him that way. Kinda creepy but who am i to judge?

  • paula

    Well I finally found a reason to like facebook. This is a great idea. There are so many men and women also that want someone else to feed and clothes children that they had fun getting them but forget them when they born. When they go to jail feed them one meal a day and tell them that how their children feel when they are hungry.

  • VADg

    Cut the craps DA. Your office is upset because it could have been more revenue food the city. It’s nip secret that the local cities and counties get a decent cut and the custodial parent only receives a portion of what they are suppose top receive. No sense in pretending you allqhave the child’s interest as a priority. This is just another way to violate individuals privacy. Im in no way saying parents shouldn’t take care of their kids, but can you really prove the money the guy was holding was his or if it was even real money? Child support is based on income not the amount needed to provide for a child… I wonder why…

    • paula

      Southern you ask why are all the men in the picture is black. That the way it always be. The media make it seen no matter what goes on it just blacks. I know there are WHITE deadbeats men too. The reason that I know it is because I work in law.

      • manalishi

        “The media make it seen no matter what goes on it just blacks.” Interesting point. Which leads us to another question. Why would a raging liberal media outlet like WTVR promote such a story? I contend (and this expose’ is just further proof) that that liberals and democrats promote or incite racial tension as pawns for the progressive agenda. But let not lose sight of the fact that the feral animals in the spotlight still need to be sent off to labor camps and excluded as role models.

  • B Addy

    This may be the #1 issue facing the black community. 70% out of wedlock birthrate. Wow. Look at the #’s , what an effing joke. 11 kids ,17 kids 13 kids and not paying for any of them much less involved in their life. Spitting out kids all over with no father. And people wonder why they account for 50% of the crime coming from 14% of the population.
    We could pay off the nations debt tomorrow and the prison population would be cut in half overnight.

    • paula

      B Addy. How do you know that it is the #1 issue for blacks? Let us know where you get your information from?

      • B Addy

        Paula did you read the first three words? This MAY BE the #1 problem. Open your eyes and stop walking around with blinders on. But with so many problems in the demographic it is just one of the largest one’s , and it affects everyone.

  • paula

    I also notice that the mothers work extra hours to feed, clothes and send these children to school and college but the moment these kids become something and do well in life that when the no good daddy come back wanting to claim the child. If I was the judge it would not matter if the child had grown up the no good daddy would still go to jail. Notice I said daddy because a man has to earn the word FATHER.

  • J.d. Saunders

    Is this really ethical? I understand that there are people who do the right thing; however, they are punished for the wrong reasons. Yet, there are people who do the wrong things in life and yet they are rewarded.
    I was married for 18 years and believed in the American Dream by having a family, working hard, and planning for our future; however, all of that was stripped from me. Please take a few minutes of your time and review this video presentation:

    Thank God he is free; however, this is not the end. Not all child support cases are the same; therefore, we must look at each case different. Please take the time and look at this petition for a father whose ex-spouse used the long arm statute to beat down this hard working father. If his story moves you, then please sign his petition. Thank you

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