Teenage boy shows up to hospital with gunshot wound

Judge rules on McDonnell federal corruption trial motions

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RICHMOND, Va. – A judge has ruled on motions submitted in the federal corruption trial of former governor Bob McDonnell and his wife, Maureen.

Judge James Spencer ruled to exclude testimony from Peter White, a witness for the McDonnells, as well as part of J. Allen Kosowsky’s testimony.

Spencer also ruled in favor of the government on an important piece of evidence saying the form in which McDonnell disclosed the amount of gifts he received each year in office can be used by the prosecution in trial later this month.

Spencer said in those forms there is no suggestion that the former governor violated state ethics laws.

The case against the McDonnells will go to trial July 28.


  • Robbie

    A possible Republican presidential nominee here if he can keep his criminal a$$ out of jail. I bet Nit Wit Mitt Romney is proud to have had this bum ride all over Virginia with him.

    • Ed

      Democrats before him have done the same thing, just no one pointed it out. As for Nit Wit Mitt Romney, had he won the election, this Country would not be in the sad state it is in now. The present occupant of the White House is about as sorry as they come.

  • Sarah

    You are sorry as they come Ed. There a more jobs now, the war has come to an end….. shall I go on?????

    • manalishi

      “There a more jobs now” At Wal mart and Mcdonalds. “the war has come to an end….. shall I go on?????” the war is now at our southern border,,,, bimbo. And yes, please continue.

    • athynz

      There are fewer jobs, we’ve lost the right to privacy due to his expansion of the Patriot Act, the economy is still a mess, heath care has gotten worse… HOW was “the right man” elected again?

  • survivors3

    Ed, that’s you & Manalishi’s people. I know your so proud of his actions. You have it twisted, the MAN in the White House isn’t a thief & is there for the people’s interest. Something that the majority of your narcissistic cronies aren’t. Need I remind you of your Cantor?:) Yes the People have spoken!!!!

  • Jay

    I love watching this Rep. scum bag go down along with his skank wife.
    WE THE PEOPLE, voted for our current Pres. and Va. Gov…..THE WINNERS!! They are the best for the jobs.
    History will prove Obama to be one of OUR greatest!
    CLINTON IN 2016!!

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