Henrico buyers, check your receipts for overtax

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HENRICO, VA (WTVR) -- On Monday, CBS 6 told you about a problem in Henrico County in which businesses were overtaxing customers and incorrectly applying the meals tax to purchases.

On Wednesday, eleven restaurants and fast food establishments across Henrico County were inspected. Of the eleven, seven overtaxed CBS 6 reporter Joe St. George.

Under Henrico law, the meal tax does not apply to the purchase of a beverages. The meal tax should only be applied if a meal is purchased, including the beverage if it is purchased with the meal.

The following seven locations were busted charging 9.3%, which is sales and meal tax, as opposed to a 5.3% tax when only a beverage was purchased.

  1. Taco Bell on Broad Street near Willow Lawn
  2. Hardees on Laburnum
  3. Dave and Busters in Short Pump
  4. McAlister's Deli in Short Pump
  5. Burger King in Short Pump
  6. Sonic in Short Pump
  7. Wendy's in Short Pump

The general managers at several of these locations said they simply didn't understand the new tax law, which went into effect on June 1. Many promised to fix the mistakes as soon as possible.

County Finance Director Gene Walter said "the county should not suspend the meal tax" when asked if it should be paused until more businesses comply, and understand the fine print.

Walter pointed to several other establishments including Chick-fil-A and Miller's Convenience Store which have successfully updated their systems to charge correct taxes.

Walter reminds Henrico residents that individual businesses are responsible for refunds and that customers should alert the county as to what establishments are incorrectly taxing so he can have them correct it.

Walter says that the overtaxes will still be collected when handed over to the county by individual businesses.

"Anything that is over-collected will be remitted to the county and will go to Henrico County schools," he said.




  • The Tax Is...

    I discovered from two sources that the base sales tax for a restaurant is 5.5%, not 5.3%. When I searched online for a reason why, I couldn’t find one, but check the menu for the Inner City Blues Takeout restaurant in Gilpin Court. You’ll see the notice posted at the bottom of the menu.

  • Ken

    Really?? The meals tax is moronic to begin with, not to mention extremely difficult to implement. Gee..I buy a sundae, no tax, buy a burger..yes tax..buy a drink ala carte, no tax, but yes tax if I order fries……..what IDIOT came up with this one? The truly amazing thing is that it got VOTED in……go Henrico.

    • Ron Melancon

      Did you also know if people use the EBT card to buy a pizza they do not pay the meals tax. Yes everybody people who voted for this at leat 30 percent of the voters voted themselves a tax exclusion. The joke is on us

    • Robbie

      No, this is caused by the Republicans. Republicans run on not raising taxes. Taxed Enough Already! So when the federal government cuts funding to states and the states cut funding to local government’s they are forced to create tax revenue by what ever means necessary.

      • John

        @Robbie, It is both the Republicans and Democrats. They both want to spend billions and trillions of dollars starting wars in the Middle East. They both agree to give foreign countries billions of dollars, that goes to rich leaders in poor countries.

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