Share this photo of the Food Lion shooting ‘person of interest’

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. – Police released a photo of person of interest in the July 14 shooting at Food Lion on Mechanicsville Turnpike in Henrico.

A security guard was injured in the 6:12 p.m. shooting.

Guard Michael Johnson told his friends on Facebook that he was now recovering at home and said God blessed him to live another day.

Police sources told CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett, detectives believed Johnson was just a random target.

A family loading groceries heard a shot that they believe was fired near the entrance of the store. The family, with their six-year-old child, said they were shocked and had just walked past that area.

They saw a man run from the front of the Food Lion, and disappear behind Big Lots.

Anyone with information about the person of interest is asked to call Henrico Police at (804) 501-5000 or Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.


  • Robbie

    Have African Americans lost their minds? Shootings, stabbings, robbing people and I even saw a story about a rapper on drugs that cut his root off. I’m calling Jesse and Al for some spiritual advice.

    • Ashlee

      Its not just African Americans who are losing their minds its people in general. I mean you have caucasians leaving their children in the car to die and killing their families if you’re going to talk about people losing their minds its only fair that you address all people not just African Americans

      • Robbie

        Ashley Ashley Ashley…I know whites are doing this stuff too but we don’t blame it on everybody else. Blacks been blaming da white man for their problems for 50 years. Here’s a headline…it ain’t my fault.

  • Tim

    Ashley you are right!!! And Robbie, white people blame everything on the president & when things don’t go their way …. They commit murder suicides & mass murders. ALTHOUGH IT’S NOT RIGHT, most of the times black people go after their target. THEY DEFINITELY NEED TO PAY FOR THE CRIME THEY COMMIT. White people with mass shootings & murder suicides…… Most of the time, the people they murder barely know them when the commit these mass murders. T h e murder suicide victims don’t know what’s going to happen to them. They are cowards. They commit these crimes because they are afraid to deal with their issues.

    • Robbie

      And I would tell you to look 20 miles south to Petersburg where a black man killed 4 people including a 2 year old and burnt the house down. Or look at Chicago where 80 plus were shot and 19 killed over the 4th of July weekend. How about Louis Farrakhan blaming the white man, saying segregation isn’t working and asking for a black state, funded by the white man for 20 years, in a speech in February. I could go on but you’re getting my drift.

      • Clayton Bigsby

        Typical hate speech to avoid the real issue. I bet it’s Al Sharpton’s account. It’s page 1 in the democrat handbook. What a loser. Hey the good news is your EBT card just got a deposit from my tax dollars.

    • Michael

      Don’t blame it on everybody else Robbie? ??? Right, you all take it out on everybody else! !!

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