Community packs Floyd Ave. ‘Bike Boulevard’ meeting

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Hundreds made their way to the Virginia Historical Society on Tuesday to learn even more about a proposed 'Bike Boulevard' plan in the city.

The proposal is a plan to enhance biking and walking on Floyd Avenue from Laurel Street West to Thompson Street.

Many have been talking about it for months looking forward to the idea.

bike blvd

The circles represent round-abouts that would slow traffic down.

"It'll be a great beautification process, other cities have done it and it's really added a lot more landscape," said Jennifer Daoulas, who lives near Floyd Ave.

However, not every one is on board. Many had questions for city leaders regarding traffic tickets for those on bikes and parking.

"It will affect property values," said Anne Innes,who owns property on Floyd Ave, "When there's no place to park at night and right now in the summer when school is out parking isn't as bad but the rest of the year it's very difficult to find a place to park."

bike blvd 2
Along with questions, residents had the chance to see the community design concept for the proposed plan for the first time.

"The what, the where, the different traffic combing elements that are being proposed in this concept," said Jakob Helmboldt with the city's pedestrian, bicycle and trails committee.

Click the video to see more of the plans.


  • Daniel Beasley

    After driving in this area recently, I am in full agreement to this being done. Told a friend this idea 2 weeks ago.

  • Becky

    Seems bike riders have already been given entitlements to ride unimpeded while impeding all other traffic. It IS perfectly Correct for the Democratic Party’s Consortiums of their Special
    Interests’ Donors, friends, contributors, financiers, and Lobbyists to hold hands with Government Officials to BUY their extortion to Our Taxes, without any corruption, collusion “investigations”. Anyone disagreeing, by think our taxes should support the entire population’s municipal obligations, must be ceremoniously blamed.

    • Becky

      Bike Consortium:
      Chairmen of the Board:
      Tom Farrell, Chairman, President & CEO, Dominion
      Mayor Dwight C. Jones, Mayor, City of Richmond
      Governor Terry McAuliffe, Commonwealth of Virginia
      Senator Mark R. Warner, United States Senate

      • Becky

        The Founding Partners seems to be the same ones sponsoring all the other sports
        special interests groups with party connections:
        Dominion, Altria, McQuire Woods, Anthem, West Meade Vaco, Genworth, VCU,
        Kings Dominion, Car Max, Davenport & Co, Diascik, The Community Foundation,
        Williams Mullen, Hourigan, Lansing, Government: Richmond VA, Virginia(Yes
        VA Gov), Henrico, Hanover, Richmond Regional Tourism, Virginia is for Lovers.

      • Becky

        And you must be a low informed Democrat that can’t Stand Up to defend or deny the
        FACTS of Democratic Buy Ins for pay offs, Friends with Benefits. SOP/MO to run,
        hide, escape, evade, refuse and LIE.

      • Becky

        But it clearly obvious that you are part and parcel of the loving, caring, kind, and oh, so
        benevolent crowd of Exclusive Party’s Tax Benefits Plans for solely their Party’s Agendas.

  • Mo Fiscal conservatism

    I completely disagree with this and hope the better half comes out on top. (that being those not in favor).
    For one it will give fuel to this “hipster”, art fad in Richmond that has already gotten too big. Two, people will ride on other streets and sidewalks anyway. So I see this being a complete waste of time AND money as it won’t be used by many. Three, property values will drop for more reasons than parking. But parking is a big one. Four, bikes and walking should be secondary to traffic.

    Stop coddling these losers!

    • Richie

      Wow ! What a complete and utter mental dwarf. Is it possible that this poster is being facetious, a joke?

      • Jay

        No. MFC is one bizarre dude/gal. But true, it is fun to read his posts.
        He actually believes BECKY and TAMMY are bright/insightful and words only have the one dimensional meaning he knows about. Great stuff.

      • Mo Fiscal conservatism

        Richie, the only thing you do on here is insult other people who make points. Making absolutely zero points of your own. Are you that insecure? Or just bored?

      • Richie

        The point is this: Are you and Becky for real, or just trying to act crazy? My apologies for seriously not knowing for certain.

    • Mo Fiscal conservatism

      So Jay, correcting you with the truth is “fun” to read? I’m glad!! I always try to show children and the mentally handicapped a good time!! Between this and the Stadium in the Bottom, you must be having the time of your life!! AND we’ll be getting the much needed baseball downtown we need!
      I like you Jay!!

      • Jay

        Thanks, Dad.
        But, I think Parker Field belongs as close to a Bill’s barbecue as possible.
        PS…my Doctor said he told you not to call me handicapped. I’m “challenged” .

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