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Report: Henrico security guard may have been shot in totally random gunfire

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- A triggerman was still at large Tuesday night, and the reason he shot a Food Lion security guard in the neck Monday night may just have been the moment’s impulse, according to police sources.

It’s something that triggers bad memories for another man who works in the same Mechanicsville Turnpike shopping center.

"He always told me to have a blessed day,” said barber Robert Randolph, who considers the guard Michael Johnson a friend.  "We hope he gets better. He made me feel secure, and made me feel welcomed."

Through a Facebook post Tuesday, Johnson told friends he was now recovering at home, giving details about where the bullet hit him.  He said God blessed him to live another day.

Randolph understands very well what happened to Johnson. In 2004 on Fourth Avenue in Highland Park, Randolph was hit in a drive-by shooting. The person who shot him was never caught.

"I didn't get all my faculties back until 2008,” said Randolph. “What he's going through will be rough.  It took me four years to almost rehabilitate myself."

Police sources tell CBS 6, they believe Johnson was just a random target.  And they're still looking for whoever was responsible.  Until they find him or them, Randolph wants his buddy Mike to heal on the outside and inside.

"I'm a man of God,” said Randolph.  “I have forgiven the guys who shot me. I prayed for God to forgive them."

He hopes Johnson will do the same, asking his friend to stay strong and get well soon.  He hopes to see him walking the beat and keeping grocery shoppers safe in the near future.

"It's always the innocent ones getting hurt, man.  Always the ones who work hard and try to do the right thing," Randolph said.

Randolph says much like Johnson, the bullet that hit him entered and exited quickly, which is the reason he's alive today.


  • manalishi

    “random gunfire” Is that what the liberal media labels attempted murder by a democrat these days?

      • NITA

        Paula, that is all he has to talk about. NOTHING that Manalishi say is worth reading. Just ignore him like everyone else does including his family. They know he’s ignorant as phuck!!!!

      • paula

        Thanks Nita, good advice. Good choice of words to desribe him. I won’t waste my time with him anymore

      • manalishi

        So Paula, your defending the shooter? I notice some folks get pi**y when party loyalty gets wrong spotlight. Use all the caps you wish but DON”T be surprised if i DON’t follow your commands. You haven’t earned it.

      • paula

        Manalish take your head out the dog butt. I not defending the shooter you nut. What I was saying if you had learn to read above third grade level is not every comment you make has to do with if someone is a democrat or not. Give it a rest please don’t reply back. I will only respond to grown up

      • manalishi

        ” dog butt.” just keep wagging that tail Paula.We know why you have to be defensive. ” if someone is a democrat or not. ” When have you seen the or not part? Dependents do not understand independents. Another democrat just wagging their tail.

    • NITA

      talk about the republican and his republican wife taking bribe money!!!! That’s what you need to talk about……IDIOT

      • manalishi

        I wouldn’t defend him either. He’s out of office, not the topic of the article and didn’t shoot anyone in the head. Your priorities my differ,,,bimbo.

      • lindsey

        And youre staying on topic by calling the people democrats? how do you kow they’re not republican/independent, etc? republicans and independents dont commit crime? please explain Mr. Fair Trial.

        hey, nobody respond to manalishi any more. ignore him. if you dont feed it, it wont grow.Who’s with me? starting….NOW!

      • manalishi

        Lindsey, It gets complicated in the sense that democrats just cannot control the knee jerk primal defense mechanism that makes them lash out. It’s a similar mechanism that forces some to shoot another person in the head. .He could have been a republican or independent (there is a difference) but the odds would be around 20/1. If he were caught, the odd are at 100% that the “inclusive” Henrico CA would would be sympathetic to a lesser plea.

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