Doctor indicted after death of Hanover runner Meg Menzies

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. – A grand jury indicted Hanover doctor Michael Carlson on an Involuntary Manslaughter charge Tuesday.

Carlson was the driver who investigators said hit and killed runner Meg Menzies on January 13, 2014.

Carlson is due back in court at the end of the month.

Michael J. Carlson (PHOTO: Hanover County Sheriff's Office)

Michael J. Carlson (PHOTO: Hanover County Sheriff’s Office)

During an emotional preliminary hearing earlier this month, Hanover prosecutor Steven Royalty called Meg’s husband Scott Menzies to testify about what he saw the morning his wife was killed.

Scott Menzies testified he saw a vehicle, driven by Dr. Carlson, lose control and hit Meg as she tried running into a ditch to get out of the car’s way.

Scott Menzies described how he pleaded with Dr. Carlson to help, but noticed Carlson’s “slurred speech.”

Scott, an Ashland Police Officer, said he then asked Carlson if he had been drinking. Scott said Carlson responded “no,” but Scott had a feeling Carlson “was being dishonest.”

Meg Menzies, 34, of Ashland.

Meg Menzies

Scott said during this time, Carlson ran back to his car and tried to drive out of the ditch.

During the hearing the DUI charge Carlson faced was nolle prossed. That means it was thrown out for now, but could be brought back at any time.

This is a developing story.


  • Robbie

    This story is to vague. DUI nolle prossed yet the the doctor had slurred speech and tried to leave the scene. Was he not arrested on scene?

  • Thom Susseth

    It appears he was more concerned with getting his car out of the versus fulfilling is oath as a physician …..I hope he gets the maximum then is tormented until he dies.

  • Jay

    $$$ seeking PIG!.
    Why no mention of the Dispatcher’s testimony?
    Has someone deleted My prior post?
    WTVR interns playing Big Brother?

    • Todd M.

      Jay, what’s your issue ? Someone died! I can’t imagine if I had to explain this to my kids every day, to why their mother is not coming home. Heartbreaking.

    • Todd M.

      Obviously your not just about the fair application of the law. Just read your first line. (Cop bashing) Second, what has been unfair? Am I missing some facts? Are the police lying when they released his BAC, @ 8am!!!! Please enlighten me. Please give me an explanation to why this happened, and how it wasn’t Mr Carlson’s fault. Please, give some idea to what should happen. Should the judge say “people die every day”? ….What are you 12?

  • And they walk amongst us

    He is a bucket of chit. Fair punishment would be to let him run down a road with shackles around his ankles. Then let the husband of the victim run him down with his car. How would that not be fair?
    The doc should be willing to get what he gave.

  • manalishi

    Personal lifestyle mistakes are not allowed to affect other peoples lives. Violations of manlaw that kill other people are strictly prohibited and and punishable by civil and criminal law. Pay up b**ch!

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