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Strangers smash into hot Jeep to save screaming children locked inside

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KATY, Texas – Some brave shoppers jumped into action and smashed open a car window after spotting children inside. It happened Monday in Katy, Texas as temperatures hovered above 90 degrees.

The rescue was all caught on camera.

Shoppers in a strip center parking lot took matters into their own hands, after they noticed two small children in a hot jeep. Gabriel Del Valle said he stepped out of his nearby shop after he heard the sound of children crying out in desperation.

“The kids were in there crying. I mean you would understand. It’s real hot,” Del Valle said.

The shoppers could barely open the doors because there was a child lock on, so they smashed open the Jeep's window. After several minutes, the kids were freed.

The children’s mom apparently said she had left them there only temporarily so that she could get a hair cut. She pleaded with those who saved her children not to call police. She said she simply made a mistake.


  • random

    i just moved to texas i live 30 mins from katy it has been very hot for the last 6 weeks we have been here you sweat just walking out the front door, the mother should have went to jail. she should have known better she is a idiot and shouldnt have the kids

  • No Sympathy

    Even though the police were not called, I bet she will be brought up on charges because there is evidence of her bad decision.

  • Betty Harold

    the police should have been called, getting a haircut is not a quick stop. Now she knows she can get away with it, so she might do it again.

  • trishaann92

    She needs to be locked up and her kids taken away from her! Police not being called, she will just do it again and next time her children might not be so fortunate!

  • NITA

    That was not a mstake. She left those kids on purpose. It’s hot as he** in Texas, what was she thinking???? she was not thinking!!!! Her a** need to be under the jail

  • angel2

    If she hasn’t been caught yet, she will be. Either someone has/will call the police, or the Katy police will be on the lookout for a black jeep with broken window(s). It’s SO unbelievable that folks STILL do this to their kids…after all the years of media attention. I agree…this was NO mistake.

    • angel2

      BTW…kudos to the heroes who dared to get involved. Too bad they weren’t around when the elderly woman was beaten in a parking lot by a young woman, and nobody did anything.

  • Cynthia

    Everybody can make a choices. .apparently the choice to get her hair done was more important than her children. ..she should be held accountable for her actions. Sorry doesn’t cut it for e. Rescuers should have been a positive voice for the children as well. . Who’s being responsible here?????

  • smh

    She must’ve been white since they didn’t call yhe police. She should still be held accountable for this.

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