What’s changing at Redskins Fan Appreciation Day

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Redskins' Fan Appreciation Day this year has a new start time.

Former L.C. Bird standout Anthony Harris picks up another pre-season honor at UVA.

The Squirrels win at Bowie 5-0.




  • Robbie

    WTVR, you have got to interview Santana Moss everyday. The way he uses the English language should be an inspiration to our youth. With an IQ of 6 he is saying hey, look at me, I went to colage and so can you.


    colage? You’re an inspiration to no one. You’re such a peon. Are you mad because he doesnt talk the way you want him to? I didnt know speaking how little robbie wants you to speak was a requirement for making millions of dollars playing football.

    • Robbie

      Once again brainiac, I was being facetious. Moss graduated from the U so after hearing him talk you got to wonder how he got out of elementary school. I am trying to figure out what you’re trying to say in your 5th sentence there Miley. Being facetious again aren’t I?

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