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WATCH: It’s a miracle! ‘Dead’ child wakes up at funeral

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ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines – A three-year-old girl “woke up” Sunday during her funeral service in a church in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, according toThe Phillipine Star.  The clinically dead child’s funeral was captured on video that has since gone viral.

The video shows the parents removing the baby from her coffin. Based on reports one of the neighbors removed the cover and saw the head of the girl move.

Police Senior Inspector Heidil Teelan confirmed the incident.

“During that time, the attending clinic personnel and physician confirmed that the young patient had no more pulse and was clinically dead,” Teelan said. “This prompted the child’s family to bring her home and prepare her for funeral service the following day in the church. Once the neighbor saw the girl’s head move the parents immediately gave her water and brought her to the clinic for check-up. The family then reportedly brought the girl back home.”

Before her death the baby girl was in the hospital for several days suffering from a severe fever. The family is now searching for a hospital that can provide better care.



  • jenny

    This is why you don’t bury someone until they are cold and dead. Warm and dead: there’s always a chance of life undetected. Thank God they didn’t do embalming.

  • KiloLee

    Are we like the only country that examines the dead?

    “She died, let’s put her in a box and be done.”

  • Jackie

    If everyone would read the article closer it clearly says that the little girl WAS INFACT dead with no pulse and was clinically dead and that the family was then planning to redo the funeral the following day. It was a mistake on the family’s part…hoping that what they thought they saw was her voluntary movement and that she was still alive. This wasn’t a mistake on the hospital or doctors end. I’m sure anyone in that position, when losing a young child in your family that they would hope and wish for anything to bring her back. Everyone is so quick to say negative comments but don’t read the article close enough!!

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