Security guard injured in Henrico Food Lion shooting

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — A shooting at Food Lion in east Henrico is under investigation.

Lt. Lawson with Henrico Police said police responded at 6:12 p.m. to an emergency call for a shooting.

Upon arrival they found one victim, who was transported to VCU Medical Center.

A family loading groceries heard a shot that they believe was fired near the entrance of the store. The family, with their six-year-old child, said they were shocked and had just walked past that area.

They saw a man run from the front of the Food Lion, and disappear behind Big Lots. Henrico Police released a picture of the two men wanted in connection with the shooting.

A 45-year-old male, working as a security guard at the grocery store, was shot. Police said he suffered a non-life threatening gunshot wound to his neck and was transported to VCU Medical Center.

The victim was approached by two suspects. The suspects were last seen running on foot in the direction of Oak Hill Lane, just west of the shopping center.

Henrico Police identified two individuals seen in photos police released hours after the shooting.

“Henrico Police verified that the two individuals pictured in the released photos were at the scene,  but they were not involved in the shooting,” Henrico Police spokeswoman Lt. Linda Toney said. “Thanks to the community for their assistance in the case.”

At this time, it’s unknown whether robbery was the motive. Families who shop at this Mechanicsville Turnpike shopping center are rattled and said violence like this doesn’t happen here.

“I’ve never heard of somebody walking up to somebody and shooting them in the back of the head in the grocery store. It’s terrible, people bring their kids here- you wouldn’t expect that in a store.”

Anyone with information regarding this offense is asked to contact Henrico Police at (804) 501-5000 or Crime Stoppers at (804) 780-1000.

Citizens can also text Crime Stoppers at 274637, using the key word “ITip” followed by your tip.  Both Crime Stoppers methods are anonymous.


  • Thay walk amongst us

    shooting someone in the head so you don’t get caught shoplifting? what the_ _ _?

  • mike

    it was me and my family they are talking about the guard was shot in the back of the head just a craze he will be fine and it happend on the outside of the store were the people take there smoke breaks

  • AJ

    So its ok for the guy in Florida to kill his 4 kids and 2 others? What are your thoughts on that story?

    • B Addy

      My thoughts are 14% of the population account for over 50% of the crime.
      Luckily the folks who make up 70 % of the population are no where near the same ratio.

      • MICHAEL

        so give them a pass because they are no where near that ratio? so dont speak on it because it doesnt happen as often? You sound dumb and I’m pretty sure you are.

      • michael

        And then while youre at it robbie look even closer in chesterfield where the guy killed his own children, step child, wife and himself in chesterfield…then wait, look in western henrico where the guy killed his wife and his self.

    • Robbie

      My thoughts on that would de…look 20 miles south to Petersburg. That’s the place where the African American gent killed those people and burnt the house up.

      • AJ

        @robbie So you do know that both black and white people shoot and kill??? Why are you trying to make it seem one sided?

  • kitty

    Hope he is OK…..I shop there alot… glad I wasn’t that day…. wonder what happened for him to get shot in broad daylight…wow…some people are cold….but not as cold as that fool that shot his kids…..

  • kyle

    and michael comes back with the ole standard “you know more white people get food stamps then blacks”duh,and do you know that there are more white people in the world?try doing the numbers by the amount of each race fool

    • michael

      yea, tell your buddy Jason that Kyle. he is the one trying to pre judge. Also tell b addy that too. he seems to think that when something is done less, its excusable. whites and blacks kill, steal, and use food stamps. why is it that if one race does any of the things more, we “forget” or “excuse” the other people who are doing it?

      • manalishi

        ” he is the one trying to pre judge.’ Since the topic is some feral animal shooting another person,,,,,judge them. I’m curious why your so intent to defend him?

      • B Addy

        You come by your stupidity honestly I see. You have no defense so you try the typical double talk.
        Again luckily 70% of the population does not behave like the 14% that you blindly try to defend.

      • michael

        no defense needed. the facts stand still. youre the one in denial. regardless of stats, people are people. every race does every crime. who does it less or more doesnt matter. youre stuck on stats. stats is your defense/excuse when a white person does a crime. thats sad! negative comments when a black person does a crime.

    • Michael

      I understand stats and ratios very well. You just don’t understand life! Skull is too thick. You’re a lost soul.

      • manalishi

        It’s not that i don’t understand life, I just don’t understand you lack of personal standards and absence of values. My soul is fine. Your the chump servicing an ideology.

  • kyle

    hey michael you not taking into account poulation stats as every fool that makes that point seem to leave out.anyway all those cameras in food lion and this is the best picture they get

    • manalishi

      “”all those cameras in food lion and this is the best picture they get”. They have other pics. No PD wants Paul Kersey types jeopardizing their position in the tax payout food chain.

  • Robbie

    It speaks volumes about an area where a security guard has to be hired by a grocery store. Imagine the uproar had the guard shot on of these outstanding citizens. The reverends Jackson & Sharpton would be here protesting and of course, passing around the offering plates. They need lots of money to fund their lifestyles.

    • lyn

      apparently, this was an isolated/personal incident in which the officer was on a smoke break. it had nothing to do with the grocery store. robbie, get a life!

      • Robbie

        Again, it speaks volumes about a neighborhood when a grocery store has to hire a security guard. Further Lyn, who cares if he was on a smoke break unless you think it’s Ok to shoot someone doing that.

  • shanice

    i mean the area is nice been living over there for over 20 years.. things like that never happened was just there the night before with my 3 year old son and was actually ready to stop there before it happened.. thank god.. but at the end of the day this can happen anywhere so stop with the stereotype comments.. thanks!!!!

  • gomez

    I am 65 years old, and I lived in that neighborhood most of my life. Most of the residents there are of average income (not wealthy, not poor). However, gun violence and drug activity does go on there. The neighborhood is no different than most other neighborhoods in the USA. There is crime and violence in the poorest neighborhoods and the richest neighborhoods also. Face it, America is a violent nation. The same crimes, a different day!

  • Wes

    I live in the area as well & never had any problems. Shanice & Gomez don’t waste your breath explaining. These people are always going to comment on things they know nothing about.

  • kim

    Exactly Gomez, shanice and wes! Manalishi is a dumbo who won’t admit when he is wrong. Michael ignore the idiot. Don’t waste any more time on this fool.

  • paula

    Why do it always have to be about race. Come on. This is a new day and age. Sure there always going to be racist people but give it a rest. As as Robbie he just someone that looking for the attention he didn’t get from his mom. Robbie not telling you that one of his parent is black.

    • Robbie

      I was merely pointing out to AJ, who brought race into the issue, the case in Petersburg. Didn’t see you posting any comment his way Paula. One thing though…my mom was white and I know who my dad is which should tell you what his race is.

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