$15,000 theft reported at The Jefferson Hotel in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Va. – Police need help solving a crime at one of the nicest hotels in Virginia.

“Detectives need the public’s help to find and identify this man in connection with the theft of six copper planters from the Jefferson Hotel last week,” Richmond Police posted online Monday.

The copper planters are valued at approximately $15,000, police said.


The thefts happened between 4 p.m. Wednesday, July 9 and 7:10 p.m. Thursday, July 10.

“The individual pictured is a person of interest in this grand larceny and detectives would like to speak with him,” police said.


Anyone with any information is asked to call Detective Mark Godwin at (804) 646-5533 or Crime Stoppers at 780-1000.


  • Pamela

    I doubt the stolen copper planters were valued at $15,000 a piece. The reported amount of their worth seems outrageously trumped up by the Hotel so they can recover insurance money.

  • kitty

    I believe their worth that much insurance will pay for it….quite sure the planters are listed on the insurance policy so they know the value of them…but this dude must’ve needed is Meth or heroin shot… if he this bold in broad daylight…. sad…get a job

  • Philip powell

    This guy is a person of interest that detectives want to speak to. I didn’t read the part or see the video/picture of where he was caught stealing those items. Can this man have his day in court before we sentence him?

  • Gerry

    He could be running a junk hauling business. If he’s legit it’s a good source of untaxable income. If he’s a person of interest, why not show him taking away the planters?

  • Mike

    Here we go… Talking about everything but the fact that this is a thief. Deflecting, avoiding….. talking about the value the victims Put on their stolen goods and “let him have his day in court”. Don’t see these comments for other thieves.

  • Philip powell

    Why is the guy in the picture a thief Mike? I can’t quite come to that conclusion from the picture alone.

    • Mike

      The same reason why when others are pictured for theft in other stories, everyone automatically gives them the thief title and tells them to get a job, etc.

  • Pamela

    Mike I’m not sure why you are so offended I never judged the guy or said he was guilty/not guilty I simply stated based on the pictures shown that the copper flower pots are not that expensive thank’s !

    • kim

      What difference does it make whether it looks expensive? I think you’re missing the big picture. What a slap in the face to the victim, the hotel.

  • manalishi

    Fair trial first, then hang him. As soon as they do, hang the chump that decided to place a $15k insured value on them. Rolex doesn’t make copper planters.

  • James

    Hello folks.. 1st off “Pamela” it doesn’t say they were 15000 ea… it said the planters…. plural… which makes them 3750.00 ea \m/ no offense ment.. ok, love some cloak and dagger stuff.. fact items are missing, fact suspicious character on premises….. guy is a construction worker, his boots give that away, he has been on site before… according to picture they were inside, so he’s had to work around or near that locale. he brought a trailer so its not his 1st time in the building why.. because he knows he can’t carry them off and he knows the location of said stuff.. some one has already said the trailer tag looked like SPD 4747, if said trailer is stolen someone had to report it, but you can’t sentence him from picture shown there is not a planter in that picture he could have been there legit if you look at the planters pic they were closer to the door or whatever is open because of the reflection of light, the picture of the guy with trailer is to far in building to be looking for them they should be to his right side some were, its not rocket science folks, don’t judge a book by its cover just because said thief might simply be right place but wrong time..

  • Johnson

    The guys name is Brandon slaughter he is a piece of shit a crackhead and a thief. I know him personally and he causes nothing but problems every where he goes I hope they put him under the jail.

    • erinboutilette

      Those aren’t work boots…they are grey jordans with orange accents….also when the detectives showed up at his house he had the planters ….I know him too…he’s a junkie and this isn’t the first time he’s stole something…..kudos to the fb fan who recognized him which lead to his arrest…i got a good laugh out of that…I hope the Jefferson appreciated it enough to offer some type of reward

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