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LANCASTER COUNTY, Va. – Sunday marks a week since 43-year-old Claudine Gifford vanished after leaving a tiki bar in the Northern Neck.

Gifford’s estranged husband joined search teams in Lancaster County this weekend in hopes of finding any clues into her disappearance.

"It's a double-edged sword.  You're looking at something so beautiful here, and then on the other side of it… I just want to be close to what is going on," Richard Gifford said.

Sheriff's deputies said Gifford was last seen leaving a tiki bar with a man on July 6.

Rich and his wife were living apart for the past year or so, but he drove up from Orlando, Florida as the days rolled on with no sign of Claudine.

Richard Gifford

Richard Gifford

Deputies said Gifford's case is still considered a missing person investigation.

A crew of more than 100 search and rescue professional spent all day Saturday scouring an area around Windmill Point and in Cox’s Farm near Kilmarnock, but found no sign of her.

"They're telling me now that no news is good news," Gifford said.

Claudine Jaquier Gifford

Claudine Gifford

Rich and Claudine have a 15-year old daughter who is in Florida using the internet to track the search for her mother closely.

"I think the reality of it all is beginning to come into play for her," Gifford said.

No one knows where Gifford is or why she disappeared. Her husband is hoping even the smallest piece of information will help find his wife.

Gifford described his wife a soft-spoken woman who is loved by everyone she knows. She is 5 feet 4 inches tall weighing about 112 pounds and was last seen wearing a multicolored tank top, blue jeans and sandals.

If you have information that could help investigators, call the Lancaster Sheriff’s Office at 804-462-5111 or Crime Solvers at 804-46-CRIME(462-7463).

Deputies will continue searching for Gifford on Monday.


    • Tom C.

      Sometimes I wonder if you aren’t as warped as most of the commenters one sees on this site. I suppose you are simply strange and let it go at that. But really, why comment at all when you have nothing substantive to say? Especially on an article as sensitive and painful to many people as this one is.

  • DE

    Too late for what? What is he “too late” for. She is still missing and people all over are still hurting, worried and sick. Stop assuming and thinking for people – most important stop judging. How bout pray and send well wishes for finding her and keeping her safe.

    • Kim

      I agree, the husband lives in Florida. Did you even read the article Ron before you started running your trap. All that matters is that he’s here now and he’s cooperating with the police. Please think before you comment.

  • Belsma

    Just returned from the area. Search and rescue by air and land with dogs were all over small oyster creek and big. Kids were driving the mule on the property and people were everywhere yesterday. Then today when we were on the beach at the other house off Shady lane there was a copter flying low on the Deltaville side, circling and went to bridge went back up to WP and then came back down and crossed to Mosquito point side. It was not a S&R copter, but maybe a company offered to help look. Very strange. LE knows something because otherwise I don’t think they would waste resources. I hope she is found safe, but it’s not looking good.

  • yaya

    Its NEVER to LATE………Why are there so many hate filld, bitter, jaded people out there? And why comment on a story such as this when it stated her DAUGHTER was following and searching online from home. How do u think it makes Her feel to see someone say its ” to late”?

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