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Photo of Steven Spielberg with ‘dead’ dinosaur outrages internet

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steven2Movie director Steven Spielberg is the talk of the internet after a photo of him posing with a ‘dead’ dinosaur went viral.

Internet humorist Jay Branscomb posted the photo on Facebook with the caption:

“Disgraceful photo of recreational hunter happily posing next to a Triceratops he just slaughtered. Please share so the world can name and shame this despicable man.”

The photo, intended as satire, went viral and was shared more than 32,000 times, because so many people believed it was real.

“Steven Spielberg, I’m disappointed in you. I’m not watching any of your movies again ANIMAL KILLER.”

“Disgraceful. No wonder dinosaurs became extinct. Sickos like this kill every last one of them as soon as they are discovered. He should be in prison.”

“He should be killed instead. Beautiful creature innocently living millions of years ago then this monster comes along.”

“I don’t care who he is, he should not have shot that animal.”

The post went up days after Facebook deleted photos from the page of Kendall Jones, a 19-year-old Texas cheerleader and hunter who posted numerous photos of herself posing with a variety of animals that she shot while on safari in Zimbabwe.

And if that wasn’t enough, he followed up the dinosaur photo with a photo of Spielberg posing with a shark and the caption: “Folks, we need your help identifying the vicious shark-killer shown posing with his illegal prey.”

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  • Jim

    Some people really are feeble minded. The worst part of it is that they are convinced that the rest of the world should see things their way.

  • edison cates

    BREAKING NEWS: dinosuars have been extinct for thousands of years..how much of an idiot would you have to be to be upset by this clearly bogus photo? smh

  • Chile

    It scares me that so many people actually thought there was one random Triceritops running around and that he shot it? How gullible can you get…smh

  • Daphne Saxton

    So even if we don’t point out that this is a dinosaur…and therefore has been extinct for a very VERY long time…this dinosaur isn’t even dead. This in the triceratops from the original Jurassic Park…and its sick from eating stuff that it shouldn’t be — Dr. Sattler (Laura Dern) gets out of the cars and runs down to see her up close & try to help the vet take care of her. So (1) Its not a real animal – its a ‘prop’ basically that was created for a movie (2) Even if it was an animal, its sick not shot & (3) If dinosaurs were still walking the earth…News Flash we’d know it because we’d all have been eaten by now hahah…wow…the stupidity of humanity never ceases to amaze me

  • Jerome

    Am I the only one that believes that the commentors on Spielberg’s photos were only joining in on the fun being just as satirical as his photos were of that teen?

  • 4presidents

    This looks like the same Triceratops that was on the ground sick (not dead) in the first Jurassic Park. How come no one has noticed this?!

  • Lindsie

    I think a lot of people were just being sarcastic, but if any of them were serious…then geez that is HILARIOUS!!!!!

  • tarzan322

    This just goes to show how stupid people in this country are, and how much media plays a part in how that stupidity is spread. Man and the Dinosaurs never existed on this planet within the same period of time. And even if some of these comments are satirical, it shows how much that failure to take things seriously can aid in the dumbing down of an entire society.

  • Joe

    I think more Facebook people understood it was a joke than reporters did. Guarantee most of the comments are as tongue in cheek as the original post.

  • Jerry Chandler

    You know, if you actually read some of the “serious” replies you get the idea that the people took this less seriously than the reporters think they did. This article quotes this as an example of someone taking this seriously.

    “He should be killed instead. Beautiful creature innocently living millions of years ago then this monster comes along.”

    “innocently living millions of years ago”

    Yeah, I don’t think he was all that serious.

  • Jay

    Its Ok…its a male…you just can’t shoot the girl triceratops….at least during most of the season as the female flesh is far sweeter and more desirable. Great on kabobs!!

  • Mike

    If you remember correctly all of you should know this was a picture from the production of Jurassic Park. …some people are complete idiots…smh

  • tadchem

    In other words, “in the end times” things will be pretty much the same as at any other time.

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