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OMG! ‘Dating Naked’ reality show premieres next week

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If you thought you had seen it all when it comes to reality television, think again.

VH1 will debut “Dating Naked,” a new reality show dubbed a social experiment where ladies and gentlemen strip down to bare their souls – and everything else, next week.

The show features a man and a woman as they go on three naked dates with other suitors on a faraway tropical island resort. Some of the exciting things they get up to include naked dining, swimming and even horseback riding. And things certainly wouldn’t be complete without a naked elimination ceremony.

The pair will choose whether to continue their relationship at the end of the episode.

Check out the show preview below. 


  • Troll

    athynz and manalishi should appear on this show. It would give them something to do and gross out viewers less than their comments.

  • Latoya Johnson

    This is a clear example of how today’s media programming lacks character and integrity. They have to keep pulling rabbits out of their hat, they contend, in order to keep the viewers attention because they keep putting out nonsense shows with moral substance. “Married On First Sight,” now this. It’s calling “Programming;” the question is…who’s being programmed?

  • Y

    Appears clearly transparent that anything that demeans, derails, degrades, with all out moral
    turpitude, is preferred by liberals, progressives, Democrats and their enabling networks as fun,
    exciting, sensationalized entertainment. Posed as a perfectly “correct” means to Forward their derelict Agendas through their media sponsors/facilitators.

    • Pamela

      Democrats???? Manalishi, you really need to stop using fake names. Politics has nothing to do with this foolishness. You are stupid as he**!!!

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