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‘I didn’t want him anymore,’ says mother charged in baby boy’s death

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ELMHURST, Queens Detectives say mother Nicole “Nikki” Kelly told them she killed her own baby boy because she had “reached her breaking point.”

Now she is in police custody, charged with the second-degree murder of her 11-month-old son, according to affiliates WPIX.

The child, Kiam Felix, Jr., was pronounced dead Sunday afternoon after Kelly, 22, brought him into the emergency room with the boy’s father, who does not live with them.

Instead, Kelly and her baby boy rented a room from another woman, who also has a two year-old boy. She described the child as a happy baby.

Every photo of little Kiam on Facebook shows him looking sweet and happy. Some of the photos are particularly disturbing based on information conveyed by Kelly’s housemate.

Baby Kiam and Nikki Kelly. PHOTO: WPIX

Baby Kiam and Nikki Kelly. PHOTO: WPIX

The housemate told WPIX that she’d seen Kelly on Sunday afternoon with the body of her lifeless baby, just before he was taken to the hospital.

Little Kiam was dressed in a completely white outfit — vest, collared shirt, necktie, pants and socks, identical to the wallpaper photos on Kelly’s Facebook page.

Below that photo banner, Kelly had posted, in part, after her son’s death, “Missing my baby boy so much wish there was some way I could bring him back to life I feel horrible knowing he passed away. Am [sic] his Mother. I was supposed to protect him.”

It’s likely then that the pic was taken after his death. 

Police at 110th Precinct reported to district attorney’s office investigators that Kelly, formerly a home health aide, wrapped her baby so tightly in a bed sheet Sunday that he couldn’t breathe or move.

She left him alone on the bed for a half hour, while she showered.

After he turned blue, Kelly called the boy’s father.

After she was taken into custody, according to the Queens District Attorney’s Office, she told investigators, “I reached my breaking point, I didn’t want him anymore.”

She is currently expected to make a first appearance before a judge on the murder charge on Wednesday. If she is found guilty, she faces a sentence of 25 years to life in prison.

Continue reading on WPIX.



    • Belsma

      Athynz is probably one of the most level headed regular posters on here. Not sure what you are getting at with your post.

    • Tom Wx

      Belsman, most regular poster? yes absolutely. Most level headed? absolutely not. It is the height of gratuitous narcissism to arrive conclusions and judgments about serious issues of strangers based on only the words in an internet article. “Fair trial” and then he wishes to execute them regardless of the outcome of the fair trial. I sincerely hope this man is not what you consider level headed. Most, if not all of his comments are geared solely to bring attention to himself. Very few of athynz comments are well thought out in a logical or factual manner . manalishi is one of the few other posters more repugnant and serial than athynz.

    • athynz

      Tom WX – who are you? Are you yet another screen name David uses? Let’s see only post, does not comment on issue, slings insults towards me and manalishi… dude give it up.

    • candace

      The father was very much in his life no need to bring that dead beat dad bs …it’s a far cry from just hit it and quit it …

    • Michelle Pettaway

      They are women who are struggling to carry full term and would have loved to care for this child. Sigh

  • Tasha A

    She deserves to be sentenced to life. She even admitted to killing him because she didn’t want him anymore. I am a 23 year old mother with a 3 soon to be 4 year old son and I COULD NOT IMAGINE life without him. If you feel like you donot want your child anymore, then there are people who are waiting to adopt kids. Some people are unfortunate to have kids and a lot of people who are blessed to have them treat them any kind of way and end up killing them eventually.

  • Michaela Hartmann

    Better access to birth control and abortions would help people stop having kids they don’t want.

    • Amanda

      Right. Because abortion isn’t murder??? How about if you’re big enough to make them, be big enough to take care of them

      • SheShe

        It is more heinous to kill a living child! A fetus cannot survive outside the womb nor does it possess the ability to function. Just because you don’t believe in or agree with abortions doesn’t mean it is not the best choice for another.

      • Farmgirl

        Yes! Thank you. Exactly what I’ve been trying to convey for months. It will not survive outside the body. By that logic any woman that has a miscarriage is committing murder too. People don’t get it.

      • Brandy

        Umm i normally dont post on these, but your comment is beyond ignorant. Miscarrage is nothing like abortion. Its not the mothers fault for losing the baby. It is the mothers fault for getting pregnant then deciding to abort it. I miscarried my first baby and was so heart broken. Women that abort their babies do not feel the same as the women who lose them. A baby can survive outside of the womb after 24 Weeks so your argument makes no sense at all. The baby has a heart beat at six weeks. And when a woman is pregnant and is murdered that person in most states is charged with double homicide. i

      • Cassandra

        Zombiegirl, she’s talking about murder in a general sense. As in, the taking of innocent life.

        If you only define it as taking innocent life ‘illegally’, then HItler was within his rights to murder because of his laws, same with Sadam Hussein and all other ‘legal’ genocide. Legality was the same argument slave owners used to argue in favour of slavery. You see? Murder can and has been justified like this forever.

        But it takes people with empathy and a sense of justice to speak up and put an end to it.

      • Whocan

        First, I would like to express my condolences regarding your miscarriage. Scientifically, a miscarriage is an abortion. It is the body naturally aborting the baby, in most cases because the baby isn’t developing correctly, etc. Having a miscarriage is a devastating thing for a family to go through, I know this from a first hand account. On the other hand, I can’t say that all woman that receive a “unnatural” abortion don’t feel sympathy or guilt for their action. Their are many reasons why a person may feel that is their only option, right or wrong. And neither of us can judge them without facts.

      • Cassandra

        Whocan, you are very wrong about that. An abortion is: ‘the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy’. A miscarriage is a natural passing away. An abortion is actual premeditated killing. If the mother didn’t interfere with her baby’s body, he would be born.

        If you really think that it’s ok for mothers to kill their unborn babies, because they ‘have their reasons’ and you can’t judge, then I hope you feel the same way about this mother. Otherwise you are being inconsistent. This mother ‘may feel that is her only option, right or wrong’. And I hope you’re not going to judge her. It was ‘right’ for her. See what I did there?

    • Cassandra

      Access to abortion is the very reason mothers consider death for their chidren nowadays. It’s commonplace to murder them in the womb, so its not surprising some mothers extend it to after birth, when it actually becomes difficult.

      • Loren

        Access to abortion is NOT why women kill their children. Do not blame such a horrific act on a legal medical procedure solely because you don’t agree with it.

      • Cassandra

        So is chemically burning him to death so his whole body is scolded and the mother is forced to deliver a dead baby. And so is stabbing them in the back of the neck if they are still moving. Taking innocent life is usually horrific, especially abortion!

  • Belsma

    Disgusting. What the heck is wrong with people? Leaving kids in cars and killing babies. How can someone live themselves? There are other options. Geesh!

  • Megan

    There are so many couples; many like my husband and myself who have problems with infertility. How women like this can have a child only to kill it boggle my mind. Especially when there are so many loving , stable families out there who would do anything for a child.

  • Mel

    Mental illness is real and is too often overlooked. Another website reported that on the day before, she had left this sweet baby outside in a stroller, alone for at least 15 minutes. At that point, somebody should have called Child Protective Services and sent her to a Mental Health Facility. This is sooo heartbreaking. With our rational minds, it’s common sense say that she should’ve given him away. But her mind was not rational. No sane person would suffocate their child and then dress them and take pictures! Major mental issues.

    • Meredith

      My best friend is paranoid schizophrenic and she gave both her children up for adoption when she started to become consistently unstable. She was out of her head, but still had the love for her kids enough to do the right thing. One was 4 and the other was 4 days old. Mental illness is one thing, but the love of a mother should overcome such things. Someone should have called CPS the day before with the stroller incident.

  • dee

    I hope this tramp burn in hell!! People have to stop making excuses for evil trash like this!!! She meant to kill this sweet angel it has nothing to do with mental illness!!


    I think that hospital’s need to start evaluating the mothers before they leave the hospital. Most of them leave with postpartum depression. This really needs to be looked into.

    • C Brown

      I have no sympathy for this girl I hope she is tortured and wrapped in something tight in prison until she dies better yet I hope she kills herself for being a unfit foolish fool with a harmless baby she caused harm to this isnt about abortion forget about that she actually got a chance to hold and nurture and love her child and decided in her sick mind to kill him. I hope she suffers for the rest of her life and I dont care who is against what I say eff her and you

    • Ruthie

      The comment about elevauate is so true no I dont think it was mental illness at all I think she suffered from postpartum and didnt know what to do I dont think she really know what she saying by telling law enforcement she didnt want him postpartum is really serious and some people really need the help but to afraid to ask



  • taega

    This is the EXACT reason why babies should not be having babies. Because they dont know how to stay humble and calm when under pressure.

  • Sarah

    Many women suffer from Baby blues/Postpartum depression, but just don’t know that its fairly normal and are afraid to speak about it. This probably could have been prevented if she had a mother’s support group, a therapist or anyone she could confide her feelings in. Too often, young and especially low-income women do not have access (knowledge) of these resources. I know the mother’s groups I attended helped me a lot when I felt alone, overwhelmed or just had questions.

  • Cassandra

    Not surprised, mothers are used to saying ‘I don’t want it’ these days and get an abortion. It is simply killing their baby in the womb, instead of out. We live in a culture of death.

    • Gabby

      Cassandra I’m sorry but your clearly an extremist liberal. Your close minded views are upsetting. How can you judge a woman for aborting when you have no clue why she did it? What if she was brutally raped? Or a drug addict who couldn’t quit? Or was told by her doctor that she very well might die during labor. Or has endometriosis & was told she couldn’t get pregnant & did. Or has a medical condition that prevents all forms of birth control from working. I have friends who have experienced ALL of these situations. And their decision was the best for them at the time. Some woman just can’t afford birth control. Some are simply not mature & responsible enough to use protection. How can you even generalize that all women who abort are murderers without even knowing their situation? This is not a matter that the gov’t nor you have any business even thinking about let alone debating. I’m sorry. And yes the best thing to do would be put the child up for adoption but sometimes the child being born is just not meant to be. There are many many children who need homes. The gov’t should focus on making it easier to adopt. Think of how many children we’d have without homes if abortion was illegal.

      • Cassandra

        I’m not an extremist anything! I’m not part of your stupid American two-party system. I simply stand up for everyone’s right to life.

        No one deserves to be killed for someone else’s gain, no matter what excuse you come up with. If you and I deserve to keep our lives, we are no better than anyone else. I don’t believe some people are worth more than others. Killing the innocent and defenseless is the ultimate form of bullying. The hard cases only account for 1% of abortions and have always been legal for the life of the mother, etc. So that is a terrible excuse to keep it legal on demand for the rest of the 99%.

  • kendrathermezi

    I am a mother of 3 who has had miscarriages. My husband and i also lost one of our twins who didn’t fully develop. I had postpartum and all of my kids were never harmed because i had a supporting man. Abortion is nothing like miscarriage. That is an idiotic comparison. Give me five minutes in a locked room with this heathen. I will do her in.

  • Monique

    It’s amazing to me how people try to put their beliefs on other people. You don’t know anyone’s situation and will be judged for your own sins and no one elses. If someone feels abortion is the best choice for them, than sobeit. Hitler tried to force his beliefs on others. We live in a democracy, which means people can choose to do what they want to do with their own bodies. Some women are raped and choose to abort. Again, each person has a choice and it is not anyone else’s say to play God, judge, or jury. The first person who can honestly say they have never committed a sin, heck, who has not committed a sin today, can make a statement, otherwise shut the HELL up. This woman is clearly mentally ill. Instead of you taking time to post your idiotic beliefs to a bunch of strangers who could care less how you feel, how about you take that time to volunteer at a mental health facility or community center. In my profession I talk to women in these circumstances daily and everyone has a breaking point. Every one of us has a point that, when triggered can lead to a nervous breakdown, and how and what we do at that point is unknown until it happens. The internet has given people a false sense of toughness and internet thug. Again…just shut up.

  • char wes

    The mere fact remains that she has a mental problem. Someone had to know she had a problem and dad plays a part too. It’s hard being a single parent but for her to do what she did sweet heart didn’t have it all up stairs. I love both of my kids I cry when they cry I can’t imagine myself just taking their breath away from them. If I had a extra breath and it was only enough for one person I would die giving them my last breath. Ima pray for her and the child his back with the Lord he knows all and sees all and if she don’t pay here on earth for what she did she will when she meet her maker.

    • candace

      It just looks like the dad and her didn’t click he at least was in the baby’s life ..He moved on and the batch got bitter baby momma syndrome ..

  • Natalie Smith

    I am so disgusted by this. I ]had my son at 16 and no one said it would be easy but never in a million ears could I ever fathom doing something like this to any of my children whether the father was involved or not. It is obvious that this girl needs some mental help or something. R.I.P little man. God has you now.

  • Megan

    it has nothing to do with age or mental problems I myself am 22 I have bipolar depression disorder I am medicated for and I have a 7 week old baby boy and I love him dearly this woman knew what she was doing and just has a sick mind its to bad they don’t have the death penalty for her

  • Brittney

    Honestly she needs to be put under the jail!! She should feel very dumb for taking an innocent child’s life from him. There is no forgiveness in a situation like this.

  • Heather

    Some of you a$$ holes ought to read up on Postpartum Depression before you go condemning this woman to torture. I agree that she should be punished for her actions, and it makes me sick to my stomach to think what that baby may have suffered, but she may not have even noticed she was getting to that point until she was there. Mental illnesses are so stigmatized in this country, and there are so few resources for people with little money. And I know a lot of women with money and insurance and good doctor’s who’s OBGYNs did not cover nearly enough information with them, or point them in the direction of any resources regarding postpartum depression. Because I knew going into my pregnancy I suffered from depression, I knew I was at a greater risk for postpartum depression. It was my therapist- not my OB- who pointed out that I was also at an increased risk for postpartum psychosis. Because I knew those things, I was able to do more research on what to look out for, I was able to enlist the help of friends and loved ones to also help make-sure nothing started going off with-out my realizing, and I was hyper-vigilant about taking as much care of myself as I did the baby, and asking for help when ever I need it. Luckily, instinct kicked in for me the moment I saw my daughter. I adored her from the very beginning, and because I knew it was vital for my mental health to ask for help, I did. But people don’t tell new moms this stuff enough!!! And too often woman don’t have the support system that I have, and they are left floundering trying to fix it on their own. Unfortunately children some times suffer, but instead of condemning some one for an ignorance that YOU apparently share, how about you educate yourselves and try to help educate others.

  • Truthfully

    Sorry to say it but chances are, what would a poor Black baby grow up to be? A Black man hanging out on the streets of Queens. He would probably be a drug dealer and not make much of himself but sponge off the government. It’s just one less Black person. Sad but true.

    • Africa Queen

      Be careful what you say and how you say it ,we can’t see you but God sees you and knows your heart

    • Meghan

      Or he could go to high school, meet a great teacher that inspires him to want to go to college, or join our military. He could go to college and decide he wants to be a business owner, a doctor, or some other professional. Don’t spit on someone’s right to life

      • Truthfully

        He could, but the likely hood of that happening is very, very low. Especially in the Queens neighborhood. It’s just statistics people. The chances of him turning into a low wage and poor thug (more like his parents) are astronomical compared to getting out of that lifestyle and making something of himself. I’m just explaining stats. It’s not at all right she murdered her own child. It’s so awful, but he would have more likely ended up taking from society then giving back if you look at the numbers. And don’t say he could have turned out like the next Obama or Oprah. Those two characters alone have crippled our country and society.

  • Africa Queen

    Mental illnesses in mother’s after birth goes so undetected so much and single mothers have it longer then mothers with support she needed to seek help but didn’t. Praying for her and the family.

  • Conor

    This b*tch needs to be killed, f*cking gorilla ugly piece of sh*t! Hope she rots & dies in prison.

  • Sum Ting Wong

    This is very common in the African communities. Some tribes still practice cannibalism. If race didn’t matter we would not have races. Ever been scuba diving and observed the different species of fish schooling together? I do all the time. Race extends into all animals…not just people.
    275,000 blacks die of violence and disease a day in Africa and around the world 410,000 blacks die a day from violence and disease.
    Blacks are not smart and suffer from an average IQ of 85. It is cruel for you to deny these facts because if you deny the facts then you expect them to behave like whites……never will happen. It’s like teaching a monkey math….waste of time.

    • Cassandra

      They are human beings like you and me. It doesn’t matter what your opinion of them are, they are people too and it’s so disrespectful for you to talk about others like that. You could have been born into any race in the world and any country. Just because you have more opportunities than the next person, doesn’t make you superior.

  • Michelle

    I have a 5 year old and a 7 month old. I could never imagine harming them, let alone killing them. I don’t care what her reasons are. She should claim insanity because there is no way a person in their right mind would cause the suffering of their own child. All I know is, if we regularly practiced an eye for an eye, people would think twice before they do shit like this. This makes me cry. I would’ve given anything to take that sweet baby for my own. Burn in hell!!!

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