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State Police find $27,000 worth of pot during interstate traffic stop

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VIRGINIA BEACH – One man was arrested after he was caught with five pounds of marijuana in front of Mount Trashmore on the Fourth of July, according to a report on

Virginia State Police pulled over Norfolk resident Randy Lamont Baker for speeding on Interstate 264.

During the traffic stop, Virginia State Police Trooper S.J. Parks smelled a strong odor of marijuana in Baker’s 2001 GMC Yukon Denali and searched the vehicle.

Man caught with 5 lbs. of pot

The trooper found five pounds of marijuana in the vehicle, police said.

The marijuana had an approximate street value of $27,000. Baker was also found with $2,900 cash, police said.

Randy Lamont Baker (PHOTO: Virginia Beach jail)

Randy Lamont Baker (PHOTO: Virginia Beach jail)

Baker was charged with possession with intent to distribute and speeding.

He was held at Virginia Beach city jail without bond.


      • manalishi

        Getting caught with 5 pounds makes him a low life P O S that gets to spend the next few years furthering his education in democrat university. “it’s articles on this site involving murderers,rapists and child abusers….THIS makes him a “low life”. The articles on this site do not make murderers, rapists, child abusers,,,,,or drug dealers. Smoke that in your blunt.

      • Grover

        manalishi you can’t be as ignorant as you appear to be. You must be trying to get attention by your trashiness.

  • kim

    How dumb can you be to be speeding with that much marijuana, smh! Not saying it’s ok that he had it but I mean come on, if you’re going to do that why would you be speeding?!

  • Jay

    We could have collected $2500-4000, or more, in tax revenue…Instead, We’ll spend $10,000-50,000 to prosecute and punish him. Meanwhile, someone else has taken his place to supply the market. What a waste of tax $$ and missed opportunity for revenue.

  • Aaron

    That is some stomped on dirt weed. No way it’s worth 27 grand!
    This guy is a dumbass.
    I agree with Jay, we are just wasting millions of tax dollars enforcing pointless marijuana prohibition. Colorado is making millions, and is seeing lower crime. Dumbasses like this guy wouldn’t be speeding with pounds of dirt weed if everyone could just get it from well-regulated and taxed dispensaries.

  • kevin

    yea is there some guy in the police department that sits around and figure how much this is worth and based on what?any thank god for the state police,I feel so much safer now that a drug legal in 27 states now?is off the streets.All while 5 drunk drivers on their way to kill somebody drove by,good job though,I guess

    • Grover

      It is wrong to blame cops for enforcing the laws. That is what we are paying them to do. But it is wrong for the legislature to enact bad laws. Cops usually arrive at a value for the confiscated drugs by assuming it will all be sold in small quantities “on the street”. Are you just a young kid, or you just don’t get out often?

  • Zach

    5 pounds of mids is a 3rd of the price. LOL. I love how cops hype it up.”alright was is the absolute maximum amount one could get from 5 pounds of MIDS. like 15000. now just add 12 more thousand dollars to that figure to make it sound much worse than it is. Fucking pigs

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