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Missing Henrico teen found alive, unharmed

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Fatoumata Coulibaly

UPDATE: Fatoumata Coulibaly is safe in New Jersey. She walked into a Newark police station Wednesday afternoon, Henrico Police spokeswoman Lt. Linda Toney said. 

“[New Jersey Police] advised Ms. Coulibaly came to their police station, wanting to verify she was safe, knowing that she had been reported missing,” Toney said. Police believe Coulibaly voluntarily left her home.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. — Henrico Police headquarters is just four city blocks across Parham Road from a missing woman’s town home.

That’s why police were able to arrive at Fatoumata Coulibaly’s Loveridge Court home in seconds after her family called.  Police found her home in disarray Monday night.

Neighbors said police were pounding on an apartment door.

"We hear Henrico County Police and ‘bang!’ officers went in with shields," said resident Brandy Holderman.

Police also searched the apartment next door to where the 19-year-old Coulibaly lives.

Police sources said Fatoumata, who goes by the nickname Diamond,  had called her mom around seven Monday night, saying someone was breaking in to the house.  But Henrico Police would only confirm that her family had called 911 right after that.

"We received information from her family to check her residence on Loveridge Court,” said Lt. Linda Toney. “We found her residence unsecure."

Ms. Fatoumata Coulibaly. PHOTO: Henrico County Police

Ms. Fatoumata Coulibaly. PHOTO: Henrico County Police

"You could see stuff all ransacked inside,” said Holderman.  “I'm not sure what was going on but police were going in and out."

Police sources told me that Henrico investigators got a lead in Chesterfield County early Tuesday morning in the Ironbridge Road and Chippenham Parkway area. Sources said that pings from the missing woman’s cell phone led investigators to that location, but when they got there either the cell phone had died or it was turned off.

Coulibaly is from Mali and has an internet radio show called "Diamond Radio Diva."

Her family told police that her disappearance is out of character.

"They, and we, are concerned for her safety, because she never done this before," said Toney.

Neighbors are praying for Coulibaly's safe return.  "It's shocking,” said Holderman.  “It's normally quiet around here."

If you you've seen Coulibaly at any point after 7 p.m. Monday, please call police immediately.


  • paula

    To all those who made stupid comments about this girl after reading this if you can read, you see now they someone might have harm her and she didn’t run away like some of you said. Not every young girl run on the street or comes from a bad area. Instead of people praying or looking for someone they start making judgements.

      • HS

        She is 19 and living on her own. When she leaves her apartment, that doesn’t fall under the classification of “running away”. That terminology is used for minors.

  • Ron Melancon

    No matter what happened or if she ran away. Let the police handle it. I am Greatful that she is alive.
    Let the investigation on the details address the issues but people wake up she is alive . Good news for the family

  • jaybyrde

    She was found in New Jersey and voluntarily left? If she is 19 and not living with her family that is not running away. That is going on a road trip. She has a cell phone and should have called her family to let then know where she was. Totally inconsiderate oh her part, not to mention the time and effort by the police dept if the update turns out to be correct.

  • Latoya Johnson

    @Jaybyrde the article tells you that the police picked up her cell phone signal in Chesterfield. So I guess it’s safe to assume she didn’t have it with her in N.J. Anyway, I’m glad she’s home safe.

    • paula

      Latoya you thought the family jump to fast. What would u have done if you went to family member home and the housd tore up like a robbery and the person that live there was missing? Would you have when back home and did nothkng?

  • Jay

    An adult took a trip. Sounds like overzealous family members sticking their nose in her business and she just didn’t want to deal with them.

    • Travis

      Are you retarded? She called her mom saying someone was breaking in, then police arrived to find the house ransacked, and she was missing. Anyone who DOESN’T sorry in this situation should have kids…

    • Robbie

      Gee Jay…you might not look like an a**hole but looks can be deceiving. You need to mind your own business because clearly, the family has a right to be concerned. I’m glad she’s safe and has a loving family.

  • craig

    not even sure why this is news?a 19 year went away for awhile ,got some media attention,great shes safe and now maybe Henrico can spend more time on kids under 18 that are really waste of money

    • athynz

      Let’s see – her apartment looked like it was ransacked, she called her mother saying someone was breaking in, her phone was in Chesterfield while she was in NJ… so where is the “waste of money”?

  • dwayne nikolaisen

    glad she is ok. but was this just a “fun trip” for her, or was she being held against her will?

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