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Driver blames water bottle for crash that closed I-64

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NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. - The driver of a box truck told police he only looked down for a moment. That moment was long enough to cause a multi-vehicle crash that shutdown Interstate 64 east in New Kent County for several hours Tuesday.

"The driver had looked down to get a bottle of water," Virginia State Police Sgt. Stephan Vick said about the 10:30 a.m. crash. "He said when he looked up traffic was slowing."

The left lane reopened to traffic about 4:35 p.m., the right lane remained closed through the evening rush hour.

The box truck slammed into a Toyota mini-van. The mini-van then hit a Chevy pick-up. In all, six other vehicles were involved in the wreck.

A tanker truck involved in the crash overturned and spilled diesel fuel on the highway.

"It's unsafe to move it," Sgt. Vick said. "So, therefore the fuel will have to be unloaded and put onto another truck."

While the crash happened on Interstate 64 east near the 222 mile marker, its impact was felt for miles in both directions.

At one point eastbound traffic was backed up nine miles and westbound traffic backed up more than four miles. State police and VDOT closed one westbound lane to give eastbound traffic room to get off the highway.

"Drivers are being allowed access to the median crossover," VDOT spokeswoman Lindsay LeGrand said. "Once heading westbound, drivers can access the posted detour."

Among the people stuck in traffic, six-year-old Jackson Wright. The Midlothian child was headed to Busch Gardens with his family Tuesday morning when they got caught in crash traffic.

With traffic at a standstill, Jackson got out of the car to assess the situation.

After several hours, Jackson and his family made it to the park. As for his disappointment during the wait, his mom said it was nothing a log flume ride (or 3) could not cure.

Four people were injured in the accident. Police did not release the condition of the crash victims.

The police investigation into the crash remains on-going.

Alix Bryan July 8, 20146:13 pm

JUST IN: All lanes have reopened. A two-mile backup remains. Expect residual delays.

Scott Wise July 8, 20144:49 pm

JUST IN: The left lane has reopened on I-64 eastbound at mm 222. The right lane will remain closed until further notice for cleanup. There is currently a 4 mile backup eastbound at mm 222. All other delays have cleared. Detours are being removed.

Scott Wise July 8, 20144:47 pm

One eastbound lane of I-64 was re-opened to through traffic as of 4:35 p.m. , per Virginia State Police.

Scott Wise July 8, 20143:28 pm

All I-64 eastbound lanes are now closed at mm 214. Eastbound traffic is now being detoured to Exit 214 (Providence Forge/Courthouse Rd./Rt. 155) to alleviate congestion on other detour routes. Traffic is re-entering I-64 east at mm 227.

Eastbound backups: There is a 5 mile backup at mm 214 and a 2.5 mile backup at mm 222.

Westbound backup: There is a 4.5 mile backup at mm 221.

Continue to expect delays.

Scott Wise July 8, 20143:14 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20143:14 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20143:04 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20142:52 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20142:15 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:47 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:31 pm

CBS 6 Facebook Friend Melissa sent us this photo. Email traffic photos to or click here to post them on the WTVR CBS 6 News Facebook wall.

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:24 pm

Facing West on 64 east and Still not moving…”

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:11 pm

Anyone stuck in traffic can email traffic photos to or click here to post them on the WTVR CBS 6 News Facebook wall.

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:07 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:06 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 20141:05 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 201412:39 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 201412:39 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 201412:38 pm

Scott Wise July 8, 201412:18 pm

All lanes remain closed. Drivers should follow the posted detour: Take Exit 220 to Route 33 (Eltham Rd.) to Route 30 (New Kent Hwy.) back to I-64 east at mm 227. There is currently a 9 mile backup. Expect major delays.


    • BB

      as a daily commuter, I find this very useful; and am grateful that when someone alerted me and I Googled it, this page came up w/details so that I can plan accordingly! Thank you!

  • Russell

    Virginia General Assembly doesn’t want the hMost highly used stretch of road to the beaches and coast to be 3 lanes in each direction. This has been proposed before somehow it never makes it out of committee.

  • Vickie

    I came home yesterday from Portsmouth and people were driving like complete idiots. I was actually driving 10 mph over the speed limit to keep from being run over by others. I was almost rear ended 3 times! I just hope and pray those involved are ok and not seriously hurt.

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