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CHICAGO – Even though breastfeeding seems like it should be a very personal choice, it remains a very public topic in the U.S.

Abby Theuring, a mother of two, has become a breastfeeding advocate with hundreds of thousands of online followers. Online she is known as the “Badass Breastfeeder.”

Theuring said she will continue to breastfeed her three-year-old son while also nursing her newborn. Her message is about promoting nursing, especially in public.

Her website, Badass Breastfeeder.com is all about “attachment parenting.”

“I’ve heard that I should have weaned Jack before Exley came along. I have heard that I am raising a spoiled brat by breastfeeding my toddler. I have heard that it’s disgusting, that he’s too old, that he’ll have psychological problems. I’ve heard that I’m doing it for my own needs and not his,” she wrote. “Jack’s nursing has increased since the birth of his little brother. He has shown me that he needs me more than ever. He has shown me that now is not the right time to make major changes. It’s important to me that we make this work.”


  • Rae Weatherford

    Well we wean babies off of bottles when they are about a year old, so why is it any different with breast feeding, I completely believe in breast feeding but breast feeding a 3 year old is just taking it a little too far :)

  • edison cates

    this is weird as heck. no wonder these kids be soft as cotton. the should lock her loony behind up for sexual abuse

  • kim

    that is so disgusting and who the heck is following her? They are only giving her the attention she seeks to carry this on longer. She says the child needs her more than ever and she’ll continue. The child is only going to continue to do what she allows. If you let a child drink from a bottle until their 3, they’ll do that too until their school aged start to get picked on. It’s the responsibility of the parent to raise kids who are dependent less and less until they are independent adults. He will continue to “need” to do this until she ends it. Does she even think there is an age where breastfeeding is off limits? This woman is sick!

  • Gina

    I was happy when I saw this. I breast fed both of my boys till four. The girls stopped at eight months. Breast feeding is good for baby and moms breast. It is natures way.

    • da11mann

      Don’t you wonder why your girls stopped so much earlier than your boys? Sorry but it wasn’t coincidence.

  • theramblingsofatiredmom

    She is a total stranger to you. Why are ya’ll so upset and have your panties in a wad? I breastfed 4 children and encountered so many horrible people. I was discreet and covered up and still got hateful looks. Granted, I stopped with each one between 12 and 18 months, but it’s NO ONES business when a child is weaned. It’s not your business! Oh and the jerk that said it’s sex abuse? You need to get YOUR head out of the gutter. Boobs weren’t made for your pleasure, they were intended to feed a child. It’s people like you that try to turn it into something else.

    • sw

      It’s about respect for others. People who have a blog called badass breastfeeder is all about the attention. This has nothing to do with her children anymore. Her son wants to breastfeed more because she has another baby and he is jealous and wants her attention. I had 5 children and have no problem with breastfeeding in public. I do have a problem with someone pulling out their breast at the dinner table in everyone’s face. Have some respect for your baby, you and others.

  • manalishi

    If Dr. Freud was correct, ,,,, this child will be more fixated on breasts than even myself!

  • Linda

    I am all for breastfeeding but 98% of babies are off the bottle by 12 to 13 months. Why is it okay for a 3 year old who should be feeding himself, drinking from a cup, and pretty well on the way to independence still doing this? She is 100 % wrong, doing it for attention and if you look at the picture, she is not covered at all. I do not feel like explaining to my young child or other children around me what she is doing. Breastfeed to a normal age and cover it up. These people have to carry things to extreme and then wonder why people react harshly. This picture is crazy and she looks horrible doing it.

    • Christian Wilson Facundus

      Seriously? You “do not feel like explaining to my young child or other children around me what she is doing” ??? That’s the funniest thing I’ve read so far. Truly I never comment on anything but that’s just ludicrous. I don’t particularly want to explain to my young children what the words mean that are blaring in the rap song in the car next to me at the stop light. But hey, sometimes we just have to explain things, don’t we? Thankfully, breastfeeding is easy to explain. “She’s feeding her baby.” Whoa. Also, “This picture is crazy and she looks horrible doing it.” If she was a beautiful, slim model type, would that somehow make it less offensive to you?

  • Shelby Kohrman

    Good job, Mama! I nursed my little guy until he was ready to stop, which was at 2.5 years. This is well within the range of normal, and is younger than the average age in MANY countries outside of the US. She is not harming her child by letting him continue to nurse, she is creating a secure bond between her and her son.

    • Joy

      And how do you know when a child is ready to stop? Smh, yep, a bond to comfort her son as he becomes a wimp.

      • Shelby

        Yes, because breastfeeding turns people into wimps. My son is more independent than most toddlers, and is certainly not a wimp. We aren’t raising our boys to be “tough” guys anyway. I want to raise a nice, caring person.

        How will they know when to stop? When they decide they are done. My son stopped one day, and never looked back. They may be babies, but they are more in time with their needs than you might think.

  • Life is mine

    Breastfeeding is scrutinized in this screwed up society we live in. Little ones find comfort in nursing, as well as nourishment. My boys almost 2 and comfort nurses. There is nothing wrong, shameful or disgusting about breastfeeding a newborn, a 1 year old or a 3 year old…. Too each Their own, everyone does what is best for their family. For any of you to even waste your life reading an article and then making derogatory comments on something you feel so strongly against and vehemently oppose shows the shallowness of your self in terms of humanness; compassion, understanding, societal drone…
    There are REAL men who stand by their women in terms of making healthy choices for their family; whether it be breastfeeding, anti vax, homeschooing, what have you…

    Its our human right to have opinions but obviously your momma didn’t teach u that or else you would be too busy in your own life to worry about things that have no effect on you to make such nasty comments…

    Sorry your you and not a fabulous badass breastfeeding supporter!

  • Brooke


    1.) Her husband is not on her, ahem, “teat.”

    2.) Average weaning age is 2-7 years old.

    3.) Extended Breastfed babes are MORE independent than their bottle-fed/limited fed peers.

    Does anyone rely on research and science anymore?

  • yup

    I nursed until I was 11 and I was quite independent before most other children. My children will probably be home schooled so they can nurse until they can drive, or maybe 14. Quite natural.

  • jamie

    I’m also nursing my three year old and my newborn. He’s not a wimp and frequently takes on kids twice his age at the play ground. The World Health Organization recommends nursing until AT LEAST 2 and beyond as long as mother and child both wish it. Numerous studies have found the children still are allowed to wean in their own time become more independent than others. Why are children on bottles weaning at a year? Because bottles cause oral development problems whereas nursing causing the proper alignment of jaw and mouth. Because formula is expensive. Because it doesn’t contain any immunological properties like my breastmilk does.
    Abby isn’t doing this for attention. She’s doing it to encourage other mothers to do what they know at heart is best for their child. ŞSo when I and so many other women deal with the ignorant and hostile masses, we have a safe place to share our experiences.

  • Lame

    WHO and AAP recommend breastfeeding until *at least* age two, because the health benefits are so overwhelming and obvious in every other industrialized country. One of the biggest benefits of breastfeeding to term is higher IQ. Sorry your audience was obviously weaned so prematurely.

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