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RICHMOND, Va. - The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) continues to study the stretch of Interstate 64 between Richmond and Newport News, as drivers complain about constant backups and weekend gridlock.

On Tuesday, traffic backed up for nine miles on I-64 East in New Kent County after a crash.

Hundreds of drivers sat in standstill traffic for several hours.

Although VDOT is conducting the study for the eventual widening of the stretch of I-64 between Richmond and Newport News, so far funding has only been made available to widen a five-mile stretch of the road in Newport News.

When more dollars are set aside, two more segments of I-64 near Newport News will be widened next, changes drivers said are desperately needed.

“All the way to the Hampton Roads bridge tunnel it's terrible,” said driver Kendra Mitchell.

The state does eventually want to widen the stretch of I-64 between Williamsburg and Richmond.

Adding a lane in each direction in the median or putting those lanes in the shoulder areas are both under consideration.

Another option is adding HOT lanes (toll lanes) or HOV lanes in the median.

“If it meant faster travel times and less traffic, I would be in favor of it,” driver Sebastian Symeonides said.

But, don’t expect those changes anytime soon because there is no funding in the budget for the next six years for anything west of Williamsburg.

“It would be nice, but in Virginia, things go at a crawl sometimes,” said driver Steven White.


  • trina

    If McAuliffe was a Republican the traffic study would a media obsession to kill his career.Shows how ridiculous the Chris Christie narrative is.

  • Daniel Beasley

    Since the GA passed the law making motorist stay at least 3 feett from cyclist, or ped. I think all new rd. construction should have a 3 foot lane on each side for joggers,cyclelist, and other ped. type of traffic.

    • audvidgeek

      That is all nice and everything and I agree with your comment, but this is irrelevant for this particular case. Interstate highways do not allow non-automobile traffic on them. Interstates are also already required to have shoulders wide enough for disabled vehicles to sit out of the flow of traffic.

  • Ron Melancon

    VDOT stinks because they can’t even build Springfield road around Echo Lake Road . This sucky roadway was designed to be fixed 30 years ago and now we expect this agency to fix I-64?

  • Bill

    No study needed. Just look at history recently. It’s a road way overdue for widening. Here’s a novel idea.. how about some concrete pillars in the middle of the highway and make an elevated train platform that would stop at Williamsburg., Norfolk, Hampton and link with the light rail in Norfolk and then carry that over to VA Beach.

  • 60 by 460

    There is a four-lane highway between Sandston and Williamsburg people can travel to avoid I-64’s backups. It’s called Route 60. And there is another four-lane highway between Petersburg and the beach that rarely has I-64’s backups. It’s called Route 460. Yes, it takes a little more time, but would you rather sacrifice a little more time, or would you rather risk being stuck for hours in an epic traffic jam?

    • Robbie

      You’re 100% right! Rt. 460 is the way to go. Interstate 64 between Richmond and the tidewater has been a nightmare since I drove it in the late 70’s.

  • John

    If we just legalize cannabis we could pay for our crumbling infrastructure and our poor education system!

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