Woman faces prison time after stopping to help ducklings

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MONTREAL – Emma Czornobaj, 25, was convicted in the deaths of a father and daughter who collided into Czornobaj’s parked car on a busy Montreal highway. 

Czornobaj had stopped her car on the highway to help a group of ducklings on the side of the road.  She told the court she did not see the ducklings’ mother and planned to collect the baby ducks to take home.

Czornobaj was convicted Friday on two counts of criminal negligence causing death and two counts of dangerous driving causing death in connection to the 2010 incident, according to CBC News.

She faces a life prison sentence.

Andre Roy, 50, and his 16-year-old daughter Jesse were killed when their motorcycle hit Czornobaj’s car. Police said Roy’s motorcycle was traveling at about 80 miles per hour when he hit the brakes.

Roy’s wife, who was driving behind her husband and daughter and witnessed the crash, was in court to hear the verdict.

“My feelings are that it is time that we go on,” Pauline Volikakis said. “This will not bring back my loved ones.”

Because of the lack of criminal intent Czornoba‘s lawyer is pushing for no jail time


  • Tina Taylor

    what was the speed limit? it sounds like in the US, the victims would have been following too close. whatever happened, prayers to both families.

  • bpgagirl22vanow

    WELL, IF THEY HADN’T BEEN FOLLOWING SO CLOSELY perhaps they’d have had time to slow down! She should NOT go to prison! HELL, I’ve personally been part of a complete traffic stop on the four lane where I live near by when a gaggle of geese was crossing the road and both directions of traffic came to a complete stop in order to allow them ALL (about 30 geese!) to safely cross the road from the Library area to their pond! I say AGAIN! She should NOT go to prison!

  • sd

    Why in the hell would you be going 80 mph with your 16 year old on a motorcycle? What if the woman’s car had broken down and she was stalled. He would have still hit her because he was going to fast to stop his bike. I think this case is ridiculous. What she did with stopping was not safe but she had no idea someone would not see her car.

  • Allie

    This is why we need road ways for motorcycles and bikes only, so there might be less crashes due to the negligence of them. I don’t have a linens yet, because SOME! people on motorcycles don’t wanna watch for cars. Some of them think just cause they are on motorcycle they rule the road. I mean if you hit a PARKED car you are the one at fault, and 80 m/ph last time i checked the fastest you can go on a PA highway is 60 or 65 m/ph so the car CAN’T be at fault. MOST people need to go back to driver’s ED.

  • Sherry

    This article is unbelievable, I was going to work the other morning around 5:30am and seen something in the road and slow down. Same exact thing with all her babies. I put my four ways on n got her n the babies across. So my point of view, I would do it again. I feel for the family’s but should she go to jail for doing a good deed, absolutely No!

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