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Pro-Obama op-ed call President Obama ‘N***** in the White House’

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NEW YORK  A New York City paper is under fire for calling President Obama the n-word in the headline of a recent article.

The West View News ran the headline “The N***** in the White House.” The paper actually printed the word.

The piece, written by James Collier, is oddly enough a pro-Obama op-ed.

But Florence Kindred, a poet, says it’s sickening. “I can see his point but the fact that is a headline in this paper that represents the West Village is disgusting.” The article is countered by a black writer who is offended.

Collier used the slur to criticize what he calls the racism of far-right voters.

The editor of the paper, George Capsis, wrote in an explanation that “the editorial staff continues to object to the use of the n word,” according to the New York Post.

The publisher of the newspaper said he was originally not going to run the piece.

The publisher of the newspaper said he was originally not going to run the piece.

“Collier wanted to use the n word to shock us into accepting that there are people who believe the use this outrageous word,” the statement went on to say.

Capsis made headlines last year for slapping Sen. Brad Hoylman in the face at a rally for mayoral candidate Christine Quinn.

Some say the headline was a publicity stunt.

Ide Ogaj says the headline is completely irresponsible and offensive. “I respect the legacy of all African American men and women who suffered under the pain of slavery.” Ogaj went on to say, “When someone splashes it over a newspaper, it’s offensive. “


    • Turkman

      I say sticks and stones…….get over it! …..Or is this something everyone is so offended by they are going to have a heart attack. I get called things every day a lot worse than that……and I just look at the person who spoke…. and laugh…..because, I can see through the intelligence it came from. Thank You…..X U. S. Navy Petty Officer

  • Robbie

    Obama is white. He was raised by his white mother and her family. His father was never around and besides, young African Americans use the word every day. If it’s wrong for some but not for all then I have a problem with that.

    • Marie

      Like i said using your logic, african americans are white because the slave owners raped black women left and right. Why do you think there are so many light brown, light skinned black people?

      • Robbie

        Marie, thank you for confirming just what I have been saying. African American leaders do in fact go back over 150 years to blame everything on the white man. When I say 50 years,that’s how long I’ve been hearing it. Just remember one thing the next time you discuss slavery…Africans sold them too. A fact most fail to admit.

      • Marie

        What? What I said had nothing to do with blaming anybody for anything. Stick to the script. In talking about dna/blood, just like you were. It just so happens that how black and white mixed was from being raped. Stop getting caught up in that and focus on the fact that most every African American has white in them. So if you call Obama white, Call the rest of African Americans white too.

    • Dorothea Word

      Obama is white….and black, being raised by whites doesn’t make a person white, Sandra Bullock’s black son isn’t white just because she’s white and raising him, how stupid, and plenty of young caucasian americans use that word too, your point is idiotic but i’m sure some other idiot can and
      has topped you.

  • edison cates

    how is the word niggar even that offensive anymore, i’m more offended when people say the “N-word” because it is a weak attempt to sanitize society of what is offensive, as soon as people forget it make it possible for those things to happen again

  • manalishi

    “Pro-Obama op-ed” ??? “Pro”? His father Frank Marshall Davis would sure be proud.

  • Tina

    Abraham Lincoln and his wife were crossing the land so vast that in any direction one could only see where the sky touched the horizon. Their horse drawn carriage passed a white man herding six n.. male children all crying as the heat from the sun pelted their dehydrated bodies and the whip forced their little steps another mile. Just bought from the slave markets. Those were the days.

    Billie Holiday sang “Strange Fruit” of n..s hanging from trees that usually happen when a bored white man decides on an impromptu picnic or pick a n.. for hanging. Those were the days.

    N.. families covering generations from toddlers to those near the grave have watched as each limb of the biggest n.. (no need to mention brother, father, grandpa, cousin, etc – why personalize him – ‘n’ generates more hatred) in the plantation, gets tied to each of four horses then pulled apart. Those were the days.

    America has grown up now and although a part of us still wants to hate, the Lincoln in us sees the human despite the derogatory name. And like Lincoln, more of our actions contribute toward a better America, otherwise, hostility would have already destroyed America. Leave that job to the terrorists.

    ‘N’ is meant to disregard the man and summon the hatred of the past: A U-turn back to a past from which America still has some open wounds. But, clearly, The larger part of America has grown beyond those deep hostilities that would return us to barbarism. We ARE Americans. We will not self destruct.

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