Mom, family members arrested for shoplifting at Henrico Walmart

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. -- Police said they arrested a mom and some of her family members for shoplifting at a Henrico Walmart this past weekend.

Officers said 21-year-old Christopher Griffin, 31-year-old Laurie Henderson and three teens related to her were all charged with grand larceny.

They're  accused of stealing hundreds of dollars’ worth of clothing from the Walmart on Brook Road Sunday afternoon.

Police said two other girls related to Henderson were with her at the time of her arrest. Those girls are now in the care of another family member.

Henderson and Griffin also face other charges including contributing to the delinquency of a minor.


    • Beth

      Shorty, your ignorant comments, looking for attention are absurd. Stop with the ghetto antics. You’re only making yourself look stupid. You don’t really talk like that, so quit it. Failed attempt at front people riled up!

      • manalishi

        So ends today’s new democrat lesson on surviving the apocalypse when the money runs out. Lesson conclusion brought to you courtesy of the HPD. Tomorrows lesson (after bond is posted) will be 4g obamaphone technology using 2 tin cans and a taught string. Never needs charging. Class dismissed.

    • Becky Blanchard

      sorry but not having a job is no excuse to steal. I doubt either one of them has even tried to get a job. No sympathy for them. If I have to pay for my stuff,then so should they.

  • Clayton Bigsby

    Typical democrats. At least they didn’t kill anyone on their quest for fancy walmart cloths. Pathetic…

      • White man

        Kim, you are absolutely correct. I sometimes wonder if they are just going for the shock effect. No one could really be so simple minded and backwards. But perhaps they are.

  • Southern Gent

    Nice family. Such a pleasant outing. I can hear the conversation now.. What do you want to do today? How about we go and shoplift, OK what about the children? Not an issue, they wont notice..
    Fantastic role models!

    • B Addy

      Southern Gent , what do you mean the kids won’t notice??
      Hell , they are teaching them the ropes on how to steal and scam. It’s their way of life.

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