Sources: Man dead after field party shooting, police investigate

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AMELIA COUNTY, Va. - The Amelia County Sheriff's Office  is investigating a shooting that left a man dead Sunday morning.

According to deputies, units received a call for a report of a shooting shortly before 12:30a.m., on the 7000 block of Cheathams Road.

When units arrived they found the victim, De'aris Lewis, 21 of Prince Edward County, shot.  Lewis was transported to St. Francis Hospital, where he later succumbed to his injuries and died.

The shots were fired at a 4th of July field party attended by approximately 300 people, party-goers said.

Tyler Manuel, who's cousin owns the property where the shooting occurred, said he ran into the house after he heard the "gun fight" break out.

"[Shots] were coming from everywhere.  When people were pulling [out of the driveway], there were shooting," said Manuel.

Manuel said none of his friends and family knew Lewis.  It is believed that an argument led to the shooting, but Manuel said no one knows what the argument was about.

Amelia County Sheriff Ricky Walker was a the scene Sunday morning.  Walker said they are getting assistance from the Powhatan County Sheriff's Office as well.  Walker said his investigators have several leads they are following up on.

"Whoever did it, what ever happened, I hope they get to the bottom of it," said Manuel.

The Amelia County Sheriff Office asks anyone with information to call Crimesolvers at (804) 561-5200.


  • angel2

    So many tragedies occur on July 4th celebrations…people seem to lose their sense of judgement, whatever the reason is.

    • LIZ

      Melissa, Manalishi is annoying as always. Yes killing get himself is the punk route. He killed them, then go to jail. They kill themselves because they can’t handle jail or the situations at hand. That spells PUNK!!!! just like Robbie & Manalishi . Two ignorant punks who hide behind the computer

      • Troll

        Robbie and manalishi are the same person, or should I say a**hole. manalishi also calls himself Clayton Bigsby at times.

      • manalishi

        Liz, I’m thinking what you call “punks” either felt remorse/guilt and decided to end themselves(or at least I would like to think so). But on the other hand, democrats would rather continue to be a leach on society as would be their core belief,,,and yours.

        Troll! Speaking of a**holes, did you ever find out who your father is? Marvin maybe? Should be too hard with the family tree growing straight up.

        Same here Robbie. I see the democrats cannot tolerate facts that minimalise their opinions to what they are.

  • Robbie

    Let me point out Marvin that a baby was thrown into a dumpster, 2 families were locking their children in a basement, 1 of which was on Nancy Grace when his son was found and yes there was even another story about a child left in a hot car to die. Care to guess what their race was? Cuss me some more because that’s what you do. I’m right though and you know it.

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