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Shoppers stand by and watch as robber attacks grandma in Walmart parking lot

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FORT WORTH, Texas (KDAF) — A Fort Worth grandma was robbed and beaten in broad daylight while onlookers recorded the incident with cell phones.

“This woman comes up and she said I want your purse, and I said ‘No!’” Inga Evans recalled.

It didn’t stop there. It all happened Friday at the Walmart on Berry Street . The mugger was persistent, but Evans put up a fight.

“She kept hitting me with both fists and worked me over pretty good until she knocked me down; and as she knocked me down on the concrete, I let go of the purse.”

Sgt. Ray Bush with Fort Worth Police Department said, “Her purse was taken. It was determined later that it was used at some area businesses.”

The victim said the mugger tried to use her credit card at a nearby McDonald’s. Police are now looking for the person who did this.

“We’re looking for a tan or beige mid-90′s Ford Thunderbird,” Sgt. Bush said.

Evans remembered what the woman looked like. “She had black kind of curly hair with a little bandana around her mouth. I see her face all the time. I just want it to go away.”

But wait, it gets worse.

Shoppers just stood around and watched. It’s all on video.

“Nobody helped,” Evans said. “They all just had their cell phones going. Just shooting. What goes around comes around, and one of these days they’re going to know what it feels like.”

Police and the victim are warning folks to be aware of their surroundings.

“Especially women, and if you’re elderly, don’t go anywhere by yourself,” Evans said.

“It is really tough to hear about anybody being assaulted, especially someone in their 70′s,” Sgt. Bush added. “It’s just really sad.”

“If they don’t catch her, I won’t be the last. They took my peace of mind,” Evans said.


  • Ron Melancon

    What. I would be going after that robber with everything I had …. Including a shopping cart, my belt, my shoes , everything I could use to keep myself safe but get that creep off the senior citizen

    • Conceal Scary

      Unfortunately, when you consider that beating up the mugger may get you arrested, too, in many jurisdictions; sued by the mugger; tied up in court as a witness for weeks, months, or years; possibly marked as a pariah, a “snitch”, by folks in your community; and made a target by the mugger’s family, who will deny up and down that she did it…well, some people do that math in their heads real quick and decide it just ain’t worth it.

    • Carrie

      You know I was mugged once, well he tired to mug me but Btwn me and a woman who hit him upside the head w a toaster oven (Xmas gift) he was in pretty bad shape when the cops picked him up. They took him to ER before me ;) He did knock me out just moments before the lady clocked him, if she had not done that I may not be here today so to you I say thanku for saying you would step in. I would as well, would not give it a second thought!

  • Robbie

    Where is Dave this morning? Dave would have rushed to his car, hidden under it and cried had this happened in front of his sissy little a$$ self.

  • angel2

    i’m glad Inga Evans is ok. She was right: what goes around, comes around. At least one of the onlookers could’ve screamed at the mugger at close range to try and get her attention.

  • mbaker9105

    They may just have a different form of Neighborhood/Community Watch there, “See something Do Nothing”. However, I cannot fault the bystanders entirely, I wasn’t there. Split second decisions have to be made, and the added factor of the accomplice in the car weighs in. Does that person in the car have a gun? If so, would interjecting yourself in this situation WITHOUT BEING ARMED YOURSELF do any good? This is why we have Police. Would you expect a Peace Officer to deal with these situations without a firearm, nightstick, billy club, pepper spray, and handcuffs? Doubtful. And probably the first action of the Police would be to pull their sidearm and shout a command to the perpetrators, an option that was probably not available to these citizens. Can’t expect citizens to perform Policing duties without even the basic tools the Officer has. If you want a society with no one open carrying because THAT makes you nervous, well, here you go.

  • BO

    This is why I like where I live,no one would have stood by and watched a little old lady get assaulted.

    • Lorrie Benton Carter

      Never say that. I thought the same thing. And when I was assaulted no one helped, they all watched, my ankle was broken in 3 places and it wasn’t the first time. Same area. Near the Arboretum off MIdlothian. I won’t go to Chesterfield any longer. Unfortunately, even if they catch who did it as they did in my case, nothing will be done with them.

  • Lorrie Benton Carter

    That’s what they do now. Nobody helps. Nobody helped me when I was attacked and the person broke my ankle in 3 places!!! No one helped when I was attacked after work and there were people who worked there that watched!! Then when I helped a person who rolled their truck, I was bloody from helping and nobody would give me a hand just standing there taking pictures. I yelled at them and made one of them give me his T shirt he was wearing to use as a tourniquet. I told him ” I hope you know you aren’t getting this back”. Nothing will be done if they do catch them! Unfortunately, the repercussions for her will last for years and may never go away. I’m still dealing with it from 10 years ago!
    I think they should blow up the faces of the people taking the videos and pictures and publicize their despicable behavior. That person assaulting grandma ought to be glad I wasn’t there.!!!

  • Charles Garrett

    McDonald’s food is so full GMO and chemical preservatives the folks who are ignorant enough to eat it may be like crack addicts and willing to steal just to get another fix of McD’s toxins. The criminal justice system in the area must be very bad also that people are so scared of being sued by the criminals that everyone is afraid of the rip off lawyers who set up the system to benefit the criminal and victimize the victim and citizen who would do anything to help. That’s what you get when you vote for a Communist Obama party or a Clinton Communist Party.

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