HOLMBERG: ‘Teflon’ Joe Morrissey’s explantion in felony sex case so wild it may work

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RICHMOND, Va. -- Yup. State Delegate Joe Morrissey (D-Henrico) dropped the F-bomb on live TV the other day – probably a first for a Virginia politician.

He told me Wednesday he’s sorry, that he didn’t know it was live TV. He said he was just reading a supposedly hacked electronic message, trying to show how he was set up in this multiple felony case he’s facing.

He wants you to know that it wasn’t his former 17-year-old receptionist who sent that blatant confession of illegal sex, but – he claims – her jilted  lesbian lover who stalked her, hacked into her personal communications devices like some kind of CSI covert specialist, joining a vast they’re-out-to-get-me conspiracy that includes the investigators, the special prosecutor, maybe even Tweety Bird. (Just kidding about the last.)

This story is so Teflon Joe - so far-fetched it might even be true. His defense appears to an have expert electronic forensics investigator that will testify that hacking indeed occurred and exactly how.

And what’s certainly true is the 17-year-old with whom he allegedly had felony sex and photography swears it didn’t happen at all.

If the electronic evidence won’t stick to Teflon Joe, well, the case might be another crazy chapter in this guy’s infamous life.

A year ago I predicted it would be tough to pin this sordid tale on Teflon Joe.

We’ll see how it all plays out in the next year or so.

He’s not up for election until next November, so you’ll likely be seeing the man who is probably the most-arrested politician in the General Assembly helping to make laws this upcoming session.


      • RVA Excapee (the way they spell it in New Harare)

        D = C. The Party Comrades commit no crime that cannot be excused by the Commissars.

  • Russell

    Wonder if the Democrats and Republicans will also believe the tales the ex Governor McDonnell has been spinning about how Money and Gifts flow to the ex Governor Rolex while in office . Yet it doesn’t seem to flow to other elected politicians. That’s the real story this Summer.. the TRIAL of the ex Governor. Holmberg do a piece on that while your at it..

  • RVA Excapee (the way they spell it in New Harare)

    The current plan for Fighting Joe is that he will do a $100k pre-nup agreement, marry the girl (now 18) and exclude here hostile testimony under the marriage exemption. Yep, pretty clever that Joe. He may actually win the case! That would be unusual.

  • John

    Joe Morrissey has been the most notorious Richmonder in my life time. He has consistently been in the news for over 20 years for various antics. He has stated that he is innocent of these charges, but isn’t that what all public officials say when they first get charged. The big difference between most public officials and Joe Morrissey is he will fight to the last second of the battle. He has a super charged temper. He’s a narcissist. And he has legends of super loyal supporters that will do anything for him….including lie. His resolve to win this matter will only heighten over time.
    Even Pastor G, charged with similar crimes, has had his support dwindle. He lost his job at his church, and went into hiding. Joe will most likely do the opposite. He will stay in the news and in the public to show he isn’t backing down.

  • Taylor

    You have an extremely selective memory John. Does intermittently mean consistently in your world? No one should be reading anything from a twit head like you.

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