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More than 20,000 Dominion customers lose power in Henrico, Hanover and Richmond

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UPDATE: Dominion reports power has been restored.

HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - More than 20,000 Dominion Virginia Power customers lost power Wednesday around noon when nine circuits at an eastern Henrico substation went down. Seven of the nine circuits are back up and running, Dominion said.

Dominion crews are on site investigating what happened.

The majority of the outages, more than 10,000, were reported in Henrico. More than 6,000 outages were reported in Hanover, according to Dominion's website.

A Dominion outage map indicated the issue was focused in the eastern portion of metro-Richmond.


  • kenny

    maybe dominions aging equipment.this is what happens when you don’t use profits to upgrade your products but only fatten the pockets of those in charge.monopoly anybody?

    • Chad

      ohhh, so you know salaries?? Doubt it. Monopoly? Dont think so. Last time I looked it’s not that cheap to produce power, but you sound like you know everything….

      • PigsSux

        If you knew anything Chad you get charge for 100% but you only receive 70% of the power you’re getting charged for

    • Chad

      Oh yea. not to mention its only over 100 degrees outside today as well, which takes a toll on any power equipment anywhere…

  • KiloLee

    Cool, glad to know it wasn’t just me.

    Lost power for a few seconds around 12:01 in Highland Springs.

    • Chad

      Comments like this make me not even look at what else you have said. Ignorant is an understatement. Sit behind your computer; you would never say this if anyone could see your face.

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