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Driver accused of killing runner Meg Menzies no longer charged with DUI

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HANOVER COUNTY, Va. - During an emotional preliminary hearing Tuesday inside Hanover District Court, Dr. Michael Carlson went before a judge. Carlson is accused of driving drunk when he hit and killed runner Meg Menzies on January 13, 2014.

Hanover prosecutor Steven Royalty called three witnesses to testify during the hearing:

  • Scott Menzies - Meg's husband who was running with her the morning she was killed
  • A responding officer
  • A representative with the Hanover 911 Dispatch Center

While the 911 call Dr. Carlson made to dispatch played in court, Meg's friends and family began to cry.

Scott Menzies then testified he saw a vehicle, driven by Dr. Carlson, lose control and hit Meg as she tried running into a ditch to get out of the way.

Scott Menzies described how he pleaded with Dr. Carlson to help, but noticed Carlson's "slurred speech." Scott, an Ashland Police Officer, said he then asked Carlson if he had been drinking. Scott said Carlson responded "no," but Scott had a feeling Carlson "was being dishonest."

Scott said during this time, Carlson ran back to his car and tried to drive it out of the ditch.

The final witness, the responding officer, backed up Scott Menzies' description of Carlson's slurred speech.

He also said Dr. Carlson failed several field sobriety tests. It was also revealed Carlson had a BAC (blood alcohol content) of .11, the legal limit in Virginia is .08.

The responding officer added Carlson admitted to drinking beer and Vodka around 10 p.m. the night before the accident.

During the preceding Dr. Carlson stood next to his lawyer, motionless. He looked down the majority of the time.

When Carlson entered the hearing, he faced two charges. One misdemeanor DUI offense and a felony involuntary manslaughter charge. In a surprising twist, the DUI charge was nolle prossed-- meaning it has been thrown out for now.

Prosecutor Royalty said this was a "procedural move" to help ensure the misdemeanor charge would not conflict with the felony offense.

The case now goes to a grand jury to determine probable cause. A status hearing has been schedule for July 30.


  • Ron Melancon

    If he drank at 10 pm the night before what was his BAC ! .30? Now no way possible to have a drink at 10 pm the night before and then be driving in the morning still having a BAC of .11! Even Lois Learner from the IRS could make up a story like this

    • Grover

      You are wrong Mr. Know it all. The body does not process alcohol linearly. Why are you spouting off something every day whether you have something of substance or not? Maybe no one in your real life listens to you?


      You apparently have no idea how the body works to rid itself of alcohol. It is entirely possible.

  • danny

    whats more disturbing is the trend of courts now to drop charges instead of doing their job and following the law.Just to get out of doing some work they come up with some bogus excuse.He should have just said he and this guys attorney know each other and “talked” in the hallway and decided to drop it.lazy ,just lazy

    • Federico

      It seems the insanity defense is not available, nor is the “affluenza” excuse, so it seems they are going to go after a “he was in pain after a surgery” excuse. Ridiculous. Screw this murdering POS.

  • Jay

    Appears husband has financial interest in showing the Dr. was DUI. He wants punitive damages. This will not help his claim for money. Appears the dispatcher did not detect any slurred speech. The responding officer is a friend of the husband. Too bad the media has done its best to ruin this doctor’s career. Appears the Court did not feel the alleged BAC was a contributing factor. Or, did the cops screw up the evidence/test(s)?

    • Donna

      Shame on you! Shame on you! This is tragic and your comment is unnecessary! You have no idea what this precious family has been through and evidently don’t care. I do not know how you can live with yourself after making such a statement. I hope God forgives you!

      • Jay

        Shame on you. Tragedy strikes somewhere every minute of every day. I do not know this family and can not share their loss. I can not fane pain. Innocent people die constantly. Just because you might know the family does not make the woman’s death any more tragic than the child in Sri Lanka with AIDS. The husband has a huge financial interest in pursuing the alleged DUI. I need no one’s forgiveness…..especially, a backward dog’s!

    • sd

      Jay you are an idiot. This man ruined his own career along with his family and the family of the woman he killed. The charge was not dropped. Maybe you should look up Nolle Prossed and realize it doesn’t mean it was dismissed or dropped.

    • James Regal

      Jay from what you just said I can tell you voted for Obama……. You dont have a mind of your own you fall in line like a train… Your following the lie of that so called Doctor….. The fact is he could have drove his vehicle anywhere but at that lady. The fact is when you drink alcohol your vision is impaired making it impossible to see her.. His speech was slurred and he was stone cold drunk!!!!!!!!!! Im sure you think Obama was Born in that states also dont you???? Obama Born in Kenya serving illegally…

  • Jay

    Danny, we are not in Iran or Yemen. Our criminal court system is based on the premise it is better to let 100 guilty go free than punish one innocent person. It is not perfect; but, far better than the world you seem to adore.

    • sd

      Again Jay opens mouth and inserts foot. This is not a case of lack of evidence to convict or there is a chance he is innocent.

  • Callee

    @ Jay….. “Too bad the media has done its best to ruin this doctor’s career” You are joking right? I’m pretty sure he was the one that chose to consume alcohol, whether it be the night before or that morning. He made the decision to ruin his own career/personal life by killing an innocent person.

  • Joe

    @Jay the Dr. was intoxicated no matter how you try to spin it and so this mans wife was killed but you say he has financial interest in this case smh you must be a friend of the doctors.

  • Jay

    It was a bad accident. Callee & Joe, the husband has a financial interest in the outcome of the criminal charges. Apparently, the alcohol was not a contributing factor. Alcoholic beverages are not the devil’s work, no matter what your mommy told you.

    • sd

      When you choose to get behind the wheel of a car they most certianly are. I for one can almost guarantee you that man was an alcoholic. If you have ever lived with or had a family member who was you know the signs. He had freaking alcohol in the car. Please stop defending this pathetic man who ruined all these peoples lives because of his choices.

      • Jay

        Wow…another expert ready to crucify or murder someone as a result of an accident. I don’t know why we have courts. Just let the MOB RULE!

  • Abby Stein

    Apparently, none of you read the article. The misdemeanor charge was temporarily thrown out so that the felony charge could go through unhindered.

  • tom

    I hope they hang this doctor. He should be publicly crucified. I’m sick and tired of drunks on the road killing innocent people. If I was her husband..this man would be dead.

  • John Richmond

    Interesting thread – if Dr Carlson was intoxicated he should face the full sanction of the law. When Meg was hit the first thought I had was to question why she was running so close to the road. I guess in Hanover the way the roads are designed leaves no room for pedestrians. But in the city I’ve seen a trend over the past several years of people running in the travel lanes against traffic. I’ve come close to hitting runners or having an accident both on my bicycle and driving my car. Could someone enlighten me on why so many runners run in the street instead of on sidewalks?

  • James Regal

    I smell a rotten fish in The Henrico prosecutors office… never seen a Dui dropped when you have all the evidence to convict the person… The Democrats have ruint the prosecutors office in Henrico… its up for sale got the money do what you want and walk free…,.

  • Pam

    Dr Carlson is a wonderful caring dr with a heart of gold and this is a tragedy for his family as well as that of Megan’s. I don’t know why any one would run where it wasn’t really a safe place but that was her choice and her risk. It was a tragic accident.

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