Vendor shoots woman at gun show during demonstration

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BLOOMSBURG, Penn. — A Pennsylvania woman was injured at a weekend gun show when a vendor accidentally shot her in the leg, according to police.

The vendor was demonstrating a concealed-carry holster at the Eagle Arms Gun Show at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds.

“Often times [a plastic model gun] is utilized [during the demonstration]. This time the vendor used a real gun,” Sergeant Leonard Rogutski told

Gunshow shooting 01

There was no magazine attached to the gun, but there was a round in the chamber, police said.

The district attorney will review the case to determine what, if any, charges will be filed.

One aisle of the gun show closed for about an hour while police investigated.


  • Robert

    You certainly don’t handle or allow loaded weapons in sporting goods stores! A reasonable man will find the vendor is liable.

  • Gerry

    Ha ha! Every year some gun nut fires a weapon somewhere in the US! All ammo should be sold in a different venue!!! The Armed forces know well enough t keep the ammo far away from the weapons! This would solve everything. Prohibit ammo in the rooms with weapons and vice-versa. Since there are federal and sate laws about this, what’s going to happen to the vendor? What’s the punishment?

  • Ken Sosinsky

    My military firearms instructor said, “There are two kinds of shooters, those who’ve had an accidental discharge and those who will.” It’s simply a statistical probability.
    The more that people handle firearms the more comfortable they become even to the point of being indifferent about how or where they are pointed and handled. Accidental discharges are the result of negligence. After an accidental discharge occurs one of the worst things we can say “Sh*t happens” and move on. That kind of attitude in of itself is negligent. Do shooters have an accidental discharges when planning to shoot? … usually not because their focus is on that task. Accidental discharges most often occur during ‘non-firing’ handling tasks.
    If a person is untrained and demonstrably unsafe or reckless with a firearm, don’t give them one. Not every person on planet Earth can or should be a gun carrier and that’s okay. However, even being trained & responsible, when there is no real need handle the weapon in public, then don’t. I have witnessed too many ‘accidental’ killings due to ‘unloaded weapons handling’.
    An accidental discharge is a statistical probability; when and where it happens are the unknowns. And when it happens I do not desire to be on the receiving end.
    BTW: 22 yrs ex-military, ‘responsible’ gun owner

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