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Dog unearths human, animal remains in Calif. backyard

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YUBA CITY, Calif. — Human and animal skeletal remains were among the many items that a 4-year-old Husky uncovered while digging “obsessively” in a Northern California home’s backyard on Monday, KCRA reported.

Renters of the Yuba City home called the local police department after discovering the unusual remains their dog, Skye, had found.

“She never digs in the grass or anything, but that one spot. She just wouldn’t leave it alone,” renter Aaron Kind said.

When Kind approached the dog, he saw a “creepy looking” doll head, a machete and a ceramic or clay pot.

“When we pulled out the head of the doll, it was very creepy looking,” Kind said. “We found a cloth and then curiosity kicked in and we just started digging it out more. We pulled out the cloth (and) inside was a ceramic or clay pot.”

Later the roommates saw a human skull and what appeared to be a jaw bone.

“It went from kind of cool to kind of serious, so we got the authorities on the line,” Kind said.

The remains may have been part of an Afro-Caribbean religious ritual, experts from California State University, Chico stated after an initial examination.

Investigators are trying to identify the origin and age of the human remains found last week, but experts at a college near the Northern California home suspect the items were part of an Afro-Caribbean religious ritual.