Family members confirm husband, wife found dead in home

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HENRICO COUNTY, Va. - A death investigation is underway in the Dumbarton area of Henrico County.

CBS 6 reporter Jake Burns witnessed police and the Medical Examiner remove two body bags from the home.

Police would not comment on whether the deaths were  suspicious.  Officers said more information on the circumstances that led to the investigation would be available Monday.

Investigators are not searching for any suspects.

Family members confirm that the deceased are Kent and Carolyn Hope, who owned the home.  Relatives of the couple returned to the house late Sunday afternoon.  They requested privacy.

Neighbors and friends who drove past the scene said the Hopes were nice people and easy to get along with.  Kent Hope owned a construction business in Henrico, according to friends of his.

Emergency crews were called to a home along the 6100 block of Staples Mill Rd. about 6:30 a.m.


  • Ron Melancon

    Wow that is right down the street from the police station and the county Government Center. Our prayers are with this family because we have enjoyed their holiday spirit during the holidays


    So very sorry my Prayers go out to their families and loved ones.. I live very close to here and the crime rate here is sky rocketing.. They should have a little more Police presence in the area for a while.. This is 2- suspecious incidents in a week and a half..

    • Tyrone

      My lord!! Two suspicious incidents? What would the police do to stop this? Stop being so afraid all the time.

      • TyroneForReal

        Unless the Police use some sort of Pre-Crime technology… you’re exactly right, what could they do?? If people are going to get mad-****erish, then there isn’t much anyone can do.

    • Tyrone

      If you want to be a racist, man up and do it. Don’t try to use double speak to cover the intentions of your comment. You are pathetic.

      • TyroneForReal

        Mang, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. All you’re doing is making a statement about who you are and how you perceive other people. You come across as insecure and easily threatened.

        Yes, that area used to be much nicer than it is now. It used to be safe.

  • Gerry

    I think you’re seeing what you choose to see in that statement. Everything isn’t covertly racist. The area used to be better and many residents have shared concerns regarding that state of the neighborhood.

  • Drea

    I Agree this area USE to be Peaceful and Quiet! But in the last year it has went down hill extremely fast!! The Hopes always had yardsales an Were very friendly people. I do believe they had children. My thoughts an prayers go out to their Families… Just remember you never know what’s going on next door to you nor is tomorrow promised! ~LIVE, LAUGH & LOVE~

  • Anywho

    Have respect for the family, either leave a comment with your thoughts and prayers or leave nothing.

  • Eunice Morrison

    Carolyn and Ken were great people always wanting to help someone else , Carolyn kept my Daughter years ago always seem to make the best of any situation .. I can say Please pray for the Daughters and that they find Peace .

  • Patti

    Kent & Carolyn, were 2 people I have known for over 25 years. I Use to live in the house next door to them for many years. Kent was not the type of person to do this sort of thing. Some thing must have happened to make him snap like that. They were 2 wonderful people and will be sorely missed. My heart goes out to their 2 beautiful girls.

  • Former Neighbor

    I don’t know why this comes as a shock. I knew many years ago Kent beat on his wife. He is a coward of a human being. If he wanted to die that’s one thing, but to kill another a long the way is disgusting and he shouldn’t receive any praise for being a “nice” man.

    • Anywho

      Wow I hope if something ever happens to your loved one, others show more you more respect that your showing the Hope family right now. Does it make you feel better to write what you wrote? They have two daughters who are dealing with enough right now dont you think? I guess you thought putting rumors out there would be helpful to them?

      • Former Neighbor

        I don’t care about this respect I’m supposed to have for a killer!! I feel horrible for the daughters for having such a coward of a father. Don’t assume it’s a rumor, because I saw it with my very own eyes. I lived very close to them for many years.

    • Patti

      I don’t know who you are or what your problem is but unless you lived with them and even then you don’t know every thing. Something else we don’t know who shot who yet do we? One more thing unless you found some one who has shot them selves then you have no idea on earth what they feel and don’t even say you know because you do not. I am so sick and tired of people saying just cause some one killed themselves that is the cowards way out. I got news for you it is not so unless you tried to kill yourself and failed and unless you found some one with a gun shot to the head then shout the hell up, because you know nothing. Their two girls are going through feelings you have no idea about. They have to live the rest of their lives with this horrific memories the good and the bad. It will haunt them until the day they die. Because they will wonder why and with out a letter they will have no answers !! You ask me how I know this I found my father in 1974 with a gunshot to the head and no letter and I wonder every single day why!!! It is not the cowards way out either. I never saw Kent abuse Carolyn but like most married couples I have seen them have verbal fights. So please for the girls sake just don’t say any thing.

      • Former Neighbor

        Again don’t assume you know more than me, because clearly you don’t. I have tried to kill myself, and thankfully failed .. so again don’t tell me I don’t know. Have you tried to kill yourself? Then YOU have no clue. I’ve also seen people who’s killed themselves many times … again you know nothing about me. Keep on assuming that you are right, and I know nothing. Hey did you know she took a protective order out against him in 2005? I did, not because another news station reported it, but because I was a their neighbor. Both the girls knew who he was, they don’t need an explanation why. He new what he did, and was of sound mind. I would share how I know this, but I can’t because of laws. Have a great day.

      • Patti

        Yes I knew she took out a protective order and she later dropped it. I don’t assume anything, I look at what I can see, hear and what I know as fact. For some reason you are very angry at Kent, if you were that worried about him why didn’t you do something? I think you are just a sad person trying to get attention on some one else misfortunes. I also wonder if you were his neighbor at all. Did you rent from them? I moved out in 1994 and I lived in the beige house right next door before they ever bought the house. Where did you live if you were his neighbor? I know ever house around the area so tell me. You are worried about laws ? I don’t know why because the way you are blasting Kent, sounds to me like you don’t care about anything. Kent and Carolyn, are both dead and nothing is going to bring them back but bad mouthing him is just wrong and shows what a cold hearted person you really are. I feel sorry for you because if what you say is true and you did nothing to help them shame on you. If I had known I would have done every thing in my power to help regardless, I still haven’t heard who shot who yet either have you ? My main concern is for the girls and regardless, that was their father an I am quite sure they loved him very dearly and Carolyn was their mother an I am sure they loved her dearly also. So why would you want to keep bad mouthing their father and hurting his girls? Like I said, you just want attention and stupid me I keep answering your rants about him. But regardless they were my friends and I don’t appreciate you talking bad about them especially since they can’t defend them selves.

  • Charlyn

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  • Susan Ilch

    Carolyn Hope was an aid in my daughter’s exceptional education class and was fabulous – a heart of gold and those kids adored her. I had great respect for her; so sad for her to end up like this.

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