Police: Nanny left toddler, infant in hot van outside tanning salon

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Kristin Jones (police photo)

Kristin Jones (police photo)

PORTLAND, Ore. – A nanny is accused of leaving a baby and a toddler in a van with the windows up while she was at a tanning salon on a 90-degree day.

Kristin Jones, 23, was arraigned in court Friday on charges of criminal mistreatment, reckless endangering, child neglect and driving while suspended.

She was arrested on May 14.

Police were called to the parking lot of a southeast Portland tanning salon on reports of children screaming from inside a van, according to court documents.

The officer at the scene found the Dodge Caravan in question and said two young children were inside covered in sweat.

The officer opened the door and took the children out. One child was almost three years old at the time, while the other was just one-month old.

A probable cause affidavit states when the officer got close to the older child, he “felt the heat radiating from him through his bulletproof vest.”

The high temperature on May 14 was 91 degrees. Temperatures can rise 40 degrees inside a car within an hour on a hot day.

According to court documents, Jones walked out of the tanning salon after the officer took the children out of the van.

Police reports state Jones told the officer that she was the nanny, but she had left the children with their mother in the van.

Police contacted the Department of Human Services and learned the mother had been at work all day.

Jones eventually admitted that she left the children in the van unattended and lied about it because she was scared, according to a probable cause document.

Nanny arrest
Court records show she has previous convictions of driving while suspended in 2012 and 2013, two separate DUII convictions in 2012 and a 2009 conviction for second-degree theft.

She was booked many more times in jail for not meeting the terms of her previous releases.

Source: KPTV


  • Ron Melancon

    Sheer stupidity that is all I can say, this stupid person must be a product of public education where our schools teach to a test but don’t educate our children on basic things like you don’t leave kids in hot cars. How did this stupid person ever graduate ? Now our stupid lawmakers are being lobbied by some group to mandate yet another idiot device like back up cameras to prevent stupid people. You can’t legislate stupid people into doing the right thing.

    • angel2

      The childrens’ mother is MORE guilty of stupidity. Before you hire a nanny, do a background check on them (the nanny-to-be must agree to that, first). It costs a little money, depending on where you get the info from (police or the web)…but the childrens’ safety and welfare are at stake.

    • Tom C.

      It seems like you make many stupid and irrelevant comments yourself. Did you attend the public schools you lambaste? Did you graduate?

    • Vastly Amused

      What does where she went to school have to do with anything? I can assure you- I have seen many people who went to private schools, or (very infrequently) were home-schooled, in court, charged with crimes ranging from DUI to malicious wounding.
      You should refrain from making such silly comments. It gives one the impression you’re a complete fool.

      • angel2

        Vastly, if you were on here more often, you would not get the “impression” Ron is a complete fool…you would know it for a fact. I usually refrain from name-calling: but this is an exceptional case.

      • Ron Melancon

        It goes to show you what school system has produced such a fine example of humanity. Should we not only hold the parents raising such a person but the school system that thaught her to think leaving kids in a hot car is acceptable?
        It’s like the idiot who used Duct Tape to secre a trailer. And idiots who build homemade trailers and tow them in front of me. You want to see the ultimate idiot? Google Dells used duct tape. In web and see what this idiot did . Maybe he should marry her.

  • Ron Melancon

    With all of her mug shots with previous arrests at least she knew how to keep getting her hair maintained and having her roots show. At least she had a good hairdresser

    • Linda

      Ron you are crazy. What school system are you referring to? Just say it. The school system has NOTHING to do with this article. This lady did this on her own. So guess what???? It starts at home. The teachers are there to teach, not raise your kids.

      • Daniel Knight

        Wow you’re an idiot, so he can’t mention something related to the article cuz… cuz why idiot? Moron since when does an article have to mention WHY someone DID WHATEVER? You’re so dumb it’s incredible, and getting mad over that? Moron.

  • Jim

    Police lie very well don’t they! If he felt the heat through his bullet proof vest he either has a great imagination or police are closer to hell than I thought.

  • Liz

    Interesting. The second lead story on a local new site is one that happened in Oregon? WTVR Channel 6 is fast becoming the tabloid news site of our area.

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