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‘That’s my kids!’ Dad confronts, videotapes stranger taking photos of children at public pool

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GALESBURG, Ill. - A man was arrested in connection with taking photos of women and kids at an Illinois swimming pool after a dad confronted him on videotape.

"I seen an older man, and he was sitting in his car taking photographs. I noticed he had put the camera on my kids," father Jordan Allen said. "I sat back and watched him take pictures of other women and other kids. At that point I approached him."

Jordan Allen approached a man taking photos of children at the pool.

Jordan Allen approached a man taking photos of children at the pool.

The man, now identified as 57-year-old Kerry Cox of Galesburg, Illinois, took off in his car.

But Allen posted his description and a partial license plate number on Facebook, and found out who he was almost immediately.

Allen went to Cox's house and demanded that the images of his girlfriend and two young children be deleted.

Pool Pics 02

Cox initially denied having any photos, but Allen persisted, and eventually found several on Cox's digital camera.

"I was so angry. When I saw the actual pictures and everybody's kids on there, it just blows my mind," Allen said.

Cox is also heard on the video questioning if Allen is a "churchgoer" and overly moral.

Police arrested Cox for disorderly conduct, a misdemeanor; not for taking the pictures, but for alarming parents in a public place.

Pool Pics 03

"It's legal to take the pictures, but it's not legal to alarm individuals attending that public place," Galesburg Police Department Lt. Tom LaFollette said.

If there is no proof the photos are for anything other than personal use, no law has been broken, police said. But, they also said Cox was reported for similar reasons a few years ago.

"There's some other cases, this person was a suspect in '06 and '07. Same thing, taking pictures; but, again, the cases weren't proved up that he was using them for any type of exploitation," Lt. LaFollette said.

Allen said while it may not be "illegal," but it's "wrong."

"He was trying to be sneaky. I mean, why would he have pictures of kids? I think if I wouldn't have gone to his house, he wouldn't be arrested," Allen said.

Cox was out of jail, but could not be reached for comment.

Source: WQAD


  • Damon

    So it is unlawful to upset anyone in Galesburg, while doing an otherwise lawful activity So if I hear two people speaking Arabic on the street I can get all paranoid and have them arrested? If someone doesn’t like the way I look or talk then they can have me arrested?

    Why wasn’t Allen charged with making threats, harassment or wiretaping? He admits he wanted to kill the photographer. He forced the photog to delete pictures against his will. Illinois requires that both parties consent to the recording of any conversation.

    This photographer’s name, picture and home address are posted all over the net. A lot of his neighbors assume he is a sexual predator, and are calling for his head. This man has done nothing wrong (unless making people unhappy is a crime now), and must fear for his life.

    One of two things is going to happen as a result of this:
    1)The photographer is going to own that public swimming pool when he is done suing the town for false arrest and numerous people for slander.
    2) Celebrities will descend on Galesburg since it will be illegal for paparazzi or anyone else to take their picture.

    Guess which one is more likely. Lawyers are salivating.

  • johnny

    damon may I find you on the registry and in what sound like a typical offender making excuses for others.

    • Damon

      And you sir sound like a typical troll who has nothing of value to add to the discussion at hand, but has a dirty mind and resorts to personal attacks and baseless accusations of sexual impropriety in order to make up for his inability to present an intelligent argument in defense of his point of view, and thus tires to make himself feel big despite his immutable inadequacies.

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