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Here’s why you need to be extra careful driving in Chesterfield

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CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va.- Safe driving is something we should all practice every day, every where we drive.

However, drivers in Chesterfield County should pay particularly close attention while behind the wheel starting next week. That is when Chesterfield Police will ramp up holiday traffic enforcement.

“Police will conduct holiday drunken driving patrols, checkpoints and red light enforcement operations throughout Chesterfield County beginning Monday, June 30, and continuing through the Fourth of July and the weekend,” police wrote in a statement.” Police will also target speeders, red light runners and seatbelt violators.”

The “heightened enforcement” runs Monday, June 30 thru Monday, July 7.


    • Jay

      Maybe; but, Chesterfield voted down taxes….expect minimal service despite cries for more public services….Thank you Tea Heads!

      • abner

        Of course we voted down more taxes. People here are taught to get smart and work hard. The government gets PLENTY from personal property and local taxes. If the citizens must live on a budget so must the govt.

      • mbaker9105

        Go get your facts straight Jay, your silly statement is baseless and makes you ignorant of the facts., as does your name calling. I assume you mean the meals tax. If you run the numbers, it was never going to make up more than about 2.5% of the new expenditures, so anyone with any sense knows that raising real estate taxes was going to happen anyway. From the official website for the meals tax: “It is estimated that each percent on a meals tax would generate approximately $4 million in the county; so, two percent would generate an estimated $8 million annually. All of the funds collected would be dedicated to helping to pay for a portion of the public safety and education projects included in the referendum.” From the official website for the public safety bond: $304 million for schools, $49 million for public safety, both of which passed. So it’s where the money comes from that is in question, the $353 million was approved. $8 million meals tax rejected means nothing in the big picture of $353 Million.

      • Joe

        Chesterfield home owner here (I pay taxes, lol).

        I’d rather not pay more taxes. I’d rather see the county stop all HUD assistance programs, and reallocate funding used for SNAP/etc benefits that do not benefit all equally used to fund items that do benefit all equally.

      • Joe

        Furthermore, let’s play “Look at the 2015 budget for the county!”:

        Police funding has gone up from 51M to 53M. Millions. 53.
        Meanwhile, 17M of our money goes into the sinkhole of throwing money at poor people that contribute nothing.

  • Justin

    All of the ot paid to the officers for the illegal checkpoints, where does this money come from and what do we as taxpayers gain from this. I agree drunk driving is terrible but, when we can’t afford to pay our teachers and public safety workers a decent wage the priorities need to be set straight

  • Belsma

    Lovely Jonny. Guess you have had a close relationship with some of them. Back on article topic, why does it take a holiday week to remind folks to be careful? I try to be careful all of the time. Just saying…

  • EricM

    Revenue generation squads will be out in full-force. Just like Christmas/black Friday are important for retailers, holiday weekends are great for “fundraising” for the police departments.

  • Marge Bailey

    It is great to be a concerned officer and promote safety. I was jogging last year and my mother drove by and felt ill. The Ches Co Cop had a checkpoint and raked me over the coals for not having my license. He could clearly see I was sweating and had on jogging clothes. He almost gave me a ticket. It was ridiculous. I guess the option would have been to let my mother get sick at the wheel and cause an accident. I think he should have thanked me.

    • mbaker9105

      Most of the Officers here do pretty well I think, I’ve lived a lot of places and seen a lot worse. Some are young and most people below 30 haven’t fully learned people skills yet, some haven’t learned yet not to bring their personal lives to work, some are just a-holes who need retraining or a new job, or desk job. Use your own judgement in each situation, and never fear to get his supervisors name if you want to go that far with it. Many times you’ll find simply asking is enough to make them change their tune. I had and incident about a year ago at my house, I woke to person(s) shining a flashlight in and around my bedroom windows (on a Sunday morning at 4 A.M.), turned out it was the chesterfield county police. This alarmed me because I didn’t know who it was at first and thought perhaps it was a robbery attempt. I took my pistol to the front porch and he came bopping around from the front of the house, not too smart if I had wanted to harm him. Once I recognized him I informed him I was armed and would be setting my pistol on the floor just inside the door. I could tell it scared the heck out of him and he made a mental note right then and there. When I spoke with the officer, and asked where his car was, he said he parked down the street out of sight and was looking for a bearded heavy set man for questioning, whom I suggested was maybe a resident next door. Soon thereafter I saw the officer walk the man down the street and then drop him off and leave 30 minutes later. The officer had no backup, no police car in sight, and did advise me he was new to the area, I could tell he was about 20-22 years old. No need to call Supervisor, I think he learned his lesson after a gentle reaming from me about poking around peoples homes at 4 in the morning

  • angel2

    Evidentally, you’ve been in trouble with the police one too many times…you’re fault, not theirs.

  • abner

    I grew up here. Sometimes it feels like a mini Israel with southside richmond to the north, petersburg to the south, and hopewell to the east. Chesterfield is the safest county around here. There’s always gonna be crime and persons jumping the gun. Pick your battles. School system speaks for itself.

  • J

    People Blow through the stop sign at the intersection of Hampton park drive and hampton Chase way in Hampton park subdivision like it doesn’t exist. Start there! A lot of holiday parties there next week!

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