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Tour gives leaders glimpse into lingering city school problems

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RICHMOND, Va. - A crumbling exterior, peeling paint and problems with the air conditioning system were just some problems a group dubbed Richmond's Facilities Task Force (FTF) saw Thursday morning as they went inside some Richmond city schools.

"There's a difference between code and having a really nice facility," task member and Richmond City Councilwoman Ellen Robertson said.

In addition to schools, the group toured the Adult Career and Development Center (ACDC). The facility is considered, by some, to be in bad shape.

Ceiling fans were installed at ACDC because there is no central air conditioning. However the way the fans were installed, created a hazardous situation as electrical wires run through air ducts.

The fan installation was just one issue that did not sit well with Robertson.

"Issues such as drainage, proper ventilation, heat, air," she said. "In my opinion, those are code violations."

Task force member Roderyck Bullock said he wanted to see for himself some of the lingering problems - like exposed pipes - visible during one of the six school tours.

Bullock said he knows there are no quick solutions, but said the stage has been set to make some aging facilities more functional.

"We need to come together and find out what common sense approach we have to better our facility," Bullock said.

The tour was not full of all bad news. The task force also toured Ginter Park Elementary, an old school considered to be in great condition. The school served as an example on how to modernize other city school buildings.


  • Ron Melancon

    How about letting ordinary taxpayers see also ? Now the condition of these schools just who was responsible for letting these taxpayer facilities get like this? Another example is the Arthur Ash Center what a poor facility even the light poles outside are not straight. Memo. New fresh people need to be hired to fix these issues because the current people have failed

  • Robbie

    Marie says you guys are wasting and mismanaging all that tax money you’re getting every year. She also says I’m an idiot which means you school people are idiots too. I mean after all, you guys are the ones wasting money.

  • Wayne G

    It’s the same-o, same-o all the time. Anything and everything that Richmond City or Richmond Schools or whatever puts their hands on, it fails. Disfunction, fraud, incompetence, you name it and it happens here. 45 years and counting and no one at the State Attorney Generals office will dare lift a hand to do something.

  • johnny

    give em new schools,new malls and neighborhoods.the end result will be the exact same after all the money is spent

  • Becky

    The Richmond Mayor oversees the Executive Management of the city’s departments and agencies.
    The Richmond Mayor acts as a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) with responsibilities that include submitting the annual budget to City Council, selecting a Chief Administrative Officer, issuing regulations, and making recommendations on revenue and funding transfer matters.
    The Chief Administrative Officer (CAO), who reports to the Mayor, is directly responsible for the City’s day-to-day Municipal Operations. The CAO is appointed with the approval of City Council.
    The CEO is never responsible, never accountable, and never has to answer for scandals, failures, debacles, dysfunctions, and corruption in, of, by, and through his governance that he sets up to suit.
    It is so Acceptable as PC, Jones was praised, raised and honored as State Democratic Party Chair
    by the Democratic Governor of Virginia. How? Why? It’s PC the way PC votes. Own It.

  • manalishi

    Any operation as large as the RPS needs to be run by actual business personnel. Not democrats. Not career government employees. And certainly not appointees. The board and superintendent need to take care of politics and stay away from dynamics. I did not hear any functional comments from these so called “leaders”. Eunucks with a title but no skills.

    • Todd

      RPS should not be run by an idiot like you. You give Republicans a bad name. It’s not like they have a good one anyway but you make it worse, making idiotic comments …..
      Coming from RICHMOND ‘ biggest idiot.

      • manalishi

        Republicans give themselves a bad name todd/troll/david. And your mother is still turning tricks at the bus station without paying taxes or getting a permit.

      • Troll

        manalishi … Wrong. This response to you is the only comment I have written today. I am not Todd. But I agree with him.

      • manalishi

        This is interesting. So Troll and Todd are quite OK with the status quo of RPS financial mismanagement, malfeasance, and failure. I feel very comfortable to know that s**t like you dislikes me.

  • Mr. Educator


    Take a similar tour, secondary schools, while school is in session-unannounced.

    Take notes.

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