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RICHMOND, Va. - As a pediatrician, Dr. Carolyn Boone has treated many ailments. From tummy aches and ear infections, to common colds. But one of the biggest disorders she has fought, on a daily basis, is illiteracy.

“I give them a book,” Dr. Boone said. "People ask me why I’m so happy. I’m happy because I feel I’m a part of this.”

Dr. Boone

Dr. Boone has been serving the underprivileged at her practice in the heart of downtown Richmond for nearly 30 years.

“We’re winning. We’re winning. One child at a time,” Dr. Boone said. “I think they’re my extended my family.”

Thanks to a partnership with Reach Out and Read, books in her office on Belvidere are as important as baby aspirin.


“Of course a book is not going to treat an ear infection, but maybe while he is being treated a mother is reading a book to him,” Dr. Boone said. “You see it at six months of age. They’ve got a hard book. They may put the book in their mouth, but it is still a book.”

Dr. Boone’s love of literature stretches back to her childhood when Carolyn’s foster mother instilled an appreciation of reading.

“I grew up very poor, but what I had was books,” she said. “She believed in me. She said to pass it on. I hope I’m passing it on. I think I am.”

Dr. Boone’s patients heed her advice. Kasee Wright said her three-year-old daughter Nyhla started to devour books ever since coming to Dr. Boone’s office.


“It is very important to know that she is going to be learning every time she comes to the doctor and every time she leaves,” Wright said.

Some of Dr. Boone’s former patients have graduated from Princeton, UVa. and Harvard. That makes for one proud pediatrician.

“Their imagination they can do anything,” Dr. Boone said. “They need that support. They need someone to believe in them. And I get my rewards every day.”

Whether they’re healthy or feeling under the weather children leave Dr. Carolyn Boone’s office with a prescription --  for success.

“I love what I do,” Dr. Boone said. “You can do anything. You can do anything. We have to believe in them. We have to give them the tools. And part of the tools is reading.”

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  • CeeCee

    She is my kids doctor and she goes above and beyond for them. Glad to see they are acknowledging her!

  • Clayton Bigsby

    She’s certainly showing the kids how important it is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. Michelle Obama would be proud of her impending diabetes.

    • Sharon

      You are so miserable & it’s sad & pathetic. Don’t you know by now that people ignore your ignorance? And you call everyone else racist, smdh

      • Clayton Bigsby

        Your an idiot. I bet your ancestors were from Africa. That’s the only way to explain you putting race in every discussion. This doctor is a fat blob, plain and simple. Nothing to do with her being black, just fat.

  • Light

    Dr Boone was my pediatrician and now she is my kids pediatrician. She is the only doctor I know that listens to parents and not assume she knows it all and that is how we solve issues so much quicker. She encourages the parent as well as the children. She is a friend,family member counselor as well as a doctor and I love her. We would be lost without her!!!!

  • Sharon

    @ retarded a$$ Bigsby. You’re the idiot. You’re always saying negative things about people. As you can see her patients & the community loves her. You says she’s fat???? No, your ugly a$$ mama is fat. I doubt it very seriously if you have a wife or girlfriend because you have serious issues. Ignorant a$$!!!! Before you try to come back with more ignorant comments NO ONE WANTS TO HER YOU!!!! DIE FOOL!!!!

  • Rachel

    I agree with Sharon. Kill yourself Bigsby. You will be doing everyone a huge favor including your mother

  • Aisha Carter

    One of the best in the business, hands down!!!!!! Such a role model for society and her patients. Couldn’t ask for a better pediatrician than her!!! Dr. Boone …… You Rock!

  • Alex Lee

    Dr. Boone was all three of my kids Dr. And I’m from Franklin, VA. It was refreshing to live in Richmond and have someone from home that our families go way back to care for my precious little ones back from 1990-2006.

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